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Roadrunner Financial Group (RFG)

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Mission Statement

Roadrunner Financial Group (RFG) was established to provide a valuable educational experience to its members by allowing them to manage a real dollar investment portfolio. Through rigorous training and hands-on experience, members learn about the most important aspects of finance and investing while developing strong teamwork, public speaking, and analytical skills. This experience is facilitated through the fund’s weekly general meetings, Investment Committee meetings, new member education workshops and guest speaker events.

Trading Lab

About RFG

The Roadrunner Financial Group (RFG) at Ramapo College is a Student-Managed Investment Fund that invests over $65,000 on behalf of the Anisfield School of Business into publicly traded equities. RFG fosters real-world educational experience and knowledge of the markets to its members. All current students are encouraged to participate regardless of investment experience.

The primary objectives of RFG are:

  • To enhance the student’s academic experience with an opportunity to participate in the practice of investment portfolio management; and
  • To outperform our benchmark by investing in quality companies uncovered by thorough fundamental research.
  • Provide a growing annual scholarship to students passionate about the financial markets.

Roadrunner Financial Group Brochure (PDF)