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Christina Chung

Professor of Marketing

Year Joined RCNJ: 2008

Contact Information


  • B.A., Sejong University, Seoul, Korea
  • M.A, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan
  • M.S., University of Southern Mississippi
  • Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi

Courses Offered:

  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Principles and Practices
  • E-Marketing

Teaching Interest:

  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Research
  • Consumer Behavior
  • International Marketing
  • E-Marketing

Research Interest:

  • Online Consumer Behavior
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Public Relations
  • Trust and Ethics in Business Practices
  • Cross Cultural Research

Recent Publications:

  • Chung, C., Suplico, L., & Moriuchi, E. (2022, in press). What Motives American and Filipino Students to Take Online Classes? Journal of Educators Online
  • Park, A., An, HS., Song, JM., & Chung, C. (2022). Please Do not Disturb: The Effect of Zero-Contact Marketing on Korean Consumers’ Decision-Making Process. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 34(3), 488-505.
  • Muk, A., Chung, C., & An, HS. (2021, in press). What Exactly do They Visualize in Radio Ads? A Study of Young American and British Audiences. International Journal of Business & Applied Science
  • An, HS, Chung, C., & Muk, A. (2020). The Effects of Social Media WOM and Fan Pages on Young Americans’ Intention to Purchase Foreign Pop. International Journal of Business & Applied Sciences, 9(3), 1-16
  • Muk, A., & Chung, C. (2020).  The Effects of Self-Construal on Brand-Page Connection: A Study of Young American and Chinese Fans.   International Journal of Business & Applied Sciences, 9(1), 1-12.
  • Chung, C., Moriuchi, E., Limbu, Yam., Ganesan, P. (2018). Attitudes toward Star Ratings: Generational Differences among Indian Consumers. Journal of Global Marketing, 31 (2), 128-141.
  • Moriuchi, E., & Chung, C. (2018). Young American’s Ethnic Identity toward Disaster Advertising: The Effects of Disaster Location and Message Types. International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 23, 1-12.           
  • Ackerman, D. & Chung, C. (2017).  Is Unbiased?: A Look at the Impact of Social Modelling on Student Online Reviews of Marketing Classes.  Journal of Marketing Education, 40(3), 188-195.
  • Muk, A., Chung, C., & Chang, E. (2017).  The effects of comparative advertising on young consumers’ perceptions: A cross-cultural comparison between US and Taiwan.  Journal of Promotion Management, 23 (1), 100-122.
  • Chung, C. & Ackerman, D. (2015).  Student Reactions to Classroom Management Technology: Learning Styles and Attitudes toward Moodle.  Journal of Education for Business, 90, 217-223.
  • Muk, A. & Chung, C. (2015).  Applying the Technology Acceptance Model to a two-country study of SMS advertising.  Journal of Business Research, 68, 1-6.
  • Ackerman, D., Chung, C., & Sun, J. (2014).  Transitions in Classroom Technology: Instructor Implementation of Classroom Management Software.  Journal of Education for Business, 89, 317-323.
  • Muk, A., Chung, C., & Kim, J. (2014).  A Cross-National Study of the Influence of Individualism and Collectivism on Liking Brand Pages.  Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 26, 122-137.
  • Muk, A., Chung, C., & Kim, J. (2014).  Korean Consumer Perspectives toward Social Media Advertising and Intention to Join Brand Pages.  Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, 24 (4), 384-394.
  • Muk, A. & Chung, C. (2014).  Driving Consumers to Become Fans of Brand Pages: A Theoretical Framework.   Journal of Interactive Advertising, 14 (1), 1-10.
  • Chung, C. & Austria, K. (2012).  Attitudes toward Product Messages on Social Media: An Examination of Online Shopping Perspectives among Young Consumers. International Journal of E-Services & Mobile Applications (IJESMA), 4 (4), 1-14.
  • Ackerman, D. & Chung, C. (2012).  We’ or ‘Me’ Consumer Goods: A Cross-National Look at Self-Construal and Gender in Product Choice.  Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, 22 (1), 70-82.
  • Petkus, E., Budeva, D., Chung, C., & Dzhogleva, H. (2011).  Marketing Outputs as Art? Bringing an Aesthetic Sensibility to the Marketing Curriculum.   Marketing Education Review, 21 (2), 113-124.
  • Lopez, T., Babin, B. J., & Chung, C. (2009).  Perceptions of Ethical Work Climate and Person-Organization Fit among Retail Employees in Japan and the US: A Cross-Cultural Scale Validation.   Journal of Business Research, 62, 594-600.
  • Ryu, S., Kabadayi, S., & Chung, C. (2007).  The Relationship between Unilateral and Bilateral Control Mechanisms: The Contextual Effect of Long-term Orientation. Journal of Business Research, 60 (7), 681-689.


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