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Peter D. Heinze

Peter D. HeinzeProfessor of Clinical Psychology

Year Joined RCNJ: 2003

Contact Information


  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
  • M.A., Organizational Psychology
  • B.A., Political Science

Convening Group:

  • Psychology
  • Africana Studies

Courses Offered:

  • Advanced Topics: Psychopathy
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Psychology
  • Multicultural Psychology
  • Theories of Personality
  • Learning, Cognition and Teaching

Teaching Interest:

  • Psychopathic Personality
  • White Privilege and Racism

Research Interest:

  • Noncriminal Psychopathy
  • Unconscious Shame
  • Jungian Theory
  • Institutional Racism

Recent Publications:

  • Gullhaugen, A., Heinze, P., & Chernyahovsky Kornev, S. (2021). The theoretical validation of the Dynamic Model of Psychopathy (DMP): Toward a reformulation of the construct, assessment, and treatment of psychopathic traits. Psychoanalytic Psychology. (Peer reviewed)
  • Heinze, P. (2017) Book Review:   Shame: Developmental, cultural and clinical realms,Psychodynamic Practice (Peer reviewed)
  • Heinze, Peter. 2017 (in press). Teleology and the Objective Unconscious. In Jamin Pelkey, ed., Semiotics 2016. Charlottesville: Philosophy Documentation Center.
  • Heinze, P. (2016) “Psychopathy, unconscious shame and attachment: Considering the psychodynamics of psychopathy” Psychodynamic Practice (Peer reviewed)
  • Heinze, P. (2014) “How is it all symbolized? Thoughts on PTSD and Semiotics”  Semiotics. (Peer reviewed)
  • Heinze, P. (2013) “Shame as an Escape from Freedom.”  Semiotics. (Peer reviewed)
  • Belt, Derricotte, Heinze & Rowe  (2013) “Detracking and Grassroots Leadership:  How a Community Group Fought Academic Tracking.”  Learning for Democracy: A Journal of Thought and Practice. (Peer reviewed)
  • Heinze, P. & DeCandia, G. (2011) “Assessing the learning of white students on themes of white privilege and racism.” Multicultural Education. (Peer reviewed)
  • Heinze, P., Allen, R., Magai, C. & Ritzler, B. (2010) “Let’s get down to business: A validation study of the Psychopathic Personality Inventory among a sample of MBA students.” Journal of Personality Disorders (Peer Reviewed)
  • Heinze, P. (2008) “Let’s talk about race, baby”: How a White Professor Teaches White Students about White Privilege and Racism. Multicultural Education
  • Heinze, P. & Munoz, S. (2008) Why are our needs not being met?: An exercise for facilitating accountability among work teams during organizational change. 2008 Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting. San Francisco: Jossey Bass
  • Heinze, P. & Munoz, S. (2007) Rows and Circles: An Exercise for Understanding Cultural Differences and Conflict Resolution. 2007 Pfeiffer Annual: Training. San Francisco: Jossey Bass
  • Heinze, P. (2006) “Why White People Love White Supremacists: A psychoanalytic group relations perspective of white antiracism” The Whiteness Papers, No. 5 (Series edited by Dr. Charley Flint, Professor of Sociology, William Paterson University)
  • Heinze, P. & Munoz, S. (2006), From Classroom to Corporation: The Development of an Exercise for Teaching Cross Cultural Psychology, Diversity and Conflict Resolution. International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management. (Peer-reviewed) <>
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