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Modified Duty

Policy Statement

Ramapo College will make every attempt to facilitate a return to work through modified duty for employees who sustain job-related or non job-related injury or illness that prevent them from performing the essential functions of their job. Modified duty will be considered only for employees with a temporary impairment. Modified duty may not be available for certain positions based on the nature of the job and the operational needs of the Unit/College. Modified duty may not extend beyond 12 weeks.


When the Benefits Office receives medical certification that an employee is able to return to a modified duty position following a work-related or non work-related injury or illness, the Benefits Office will review the restrictions as prescribed by the treating physician with the supervisor/unit head to determine if the restrictions can be accommodated. If they can be reasonably accommodated without undue hardship to the Unit/College, the employee will be permitted to return to work for modified duty. Supervisors and returning employees must ensure only permitted activities are performed by the employee as prescribed by the treating physician.

In the event that an employee is unable to resume the full duties of the position within 12 weeks, leave options under the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) will be reviewed, as well as eligibility for State temporary disability, Sick Leave Injury (SLI), or temporary workers’ compensation benefits. If the employee still remains disabled following exhaustion of leave entitlements (accrued time, FMLA and any contractual entitlements), the employee may be sent for a fitness-for- duty exam, at the College’s expense, to determine if the restrictions are permanent in nature. If a determination is made that the restrictions are permanent in nature, every attempt will be made to consider whether the employee can perform the duties of an available position on campus for which the employee qualifies with or without reasonable accommodation. If such a position is not available, and the employee is unable to perform the duties of the employee’s position, separation from the College will ensue.

Any questions regarding this policy or requests for modified duty should be directed to the Benefits Office of the People Operations and Employee Resources Department.

August 18, 2008

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