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Independent Contractor Determination Procedure/Request Form

Independent Contractor Request Determination Procedure

Dated 10/6/2021

Independent Contractor Request (ICR) Form:

  • ICR Form Required: This form is required for all service contracts, requisitions and direct pays for individuals. Before the individual “vendor”, “performer” or “contractor” (vendor’s W9 or W8 states individual/sole propriety or single-member LLC) is approved to perform any services the department must complete the ICR form. People Operations and Employee Resources Department (POERD) (HR) will review the ICR form and determine if the individual should be classified as an independent contractor or as an employee. This should be completed as an initial step in the process.
  • Employee: If the ICR form determines that the payment should be made on the Payroll, the individual will need to be hired as a Ramapo College Employee. HR will contact the department to review the request.
  • Independent Contractor: If the ICR form determines that the individual can be paid as an Independent Contractor, HR will sign off on the ICR form and provide to the department.
  • Shared Location: Certain Departments within Administration & Finance will have access to a shared location that will contain all ICR forms reviewed by HR. Please note that ICR approvals are valid for the duration of the FY that the form is approved in.

ICR-Form – Independent Contractor Request RCNJ

Transaction Types:

  1. Requisition:
    1. The Department needs to complete the ICR Form and submit to People Operations and Employee Resources Department (POERD) and obtain approval that the vendor is an Independent Contractor prior to submitting a requisition request. Purchasing will confirm there is an approved ICR Form on file (along with all other required compliance items) prior to converting the requisition to a Purchase Order (PO). The vendor is not approved to perform any services until an approved PO or a signed contract is in place (refer to the contract section below).
  2. Direct Pay:
    1. Verification of an approved ICR Form by HR, the appropriate paperwork and compliance items, and an approved invoice must be submitted to Accounts Payable prior to the Direct Pay request in the rare instances where payment is being requested without going through the requisition/PO process.
  3. Contract:
    1. If a contract is required it must be signed by the individual “vendor”, “performer” or “contractor” and the appropriate signatory authority at the College. Please note that the current policy is that the Vice President for Administration and Finance must sign any contract above $1,000. In cases where a contract is required, an approved ICR must be obtained prior to the contract being executed (along with all other required compliance items).