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Hiring Freeze – July 1, 2019

Ramapo College

Hiring Freeze Guidelines

Effective July 1, 2019, and until further notice, all vacant non-faculty positions are subject to a hiring freeze at the College. Positions that have already been approved and are currently being searched are not affected by this action.

Hiring Freeze

The hiring freeze applies to all non-faculty positions, including temporary and part-time positions.  Provisional positions fully funded by a granting agency are excluded from the hiring freeze, but are subject to standard Position Review Committee process.  Student workers and work study students are not subject to this action.

Exceptions under the Hiring Freeze

If a position is determined by the division to be critical to the operations of the College, a Hiring Freeze Exception Request Form must be completed and submitted to People Operations and Employee Resources Department (POERD) (HR). The Form will be reviewed by HR for accuracy and then submitted to the Hiring Freeze Committee, which consists of the College President or his designee, Vice President /Legal Counsel and the Director of Internal Audit.  This Hiring Freeze Committee will review all requests, supporting documentation, and approve or deny the request.  The determination will be shared with the division’s Vice President and People Operations and Employee Resources Department (POERD).

People Operations and Employee Resources Department (POERD) will take no action without the completion and documentation of this process.