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Connect for Students

Connect gives you an easy way to schedule the dedicated time you need with your advisors and allows you to stay in contact with the rest of your Success Network of faculty and peers. You can get to Connect by going to Then, log in to Connect by clicking on the red Connect button.

Request Help

You have the ability to Request Help regarding your courses, campus policies and more from advisors and staff at Ramapo via the Connect homepage. Review the below How To Guide for further instruction.

Connect Request Help for Students


Setting Up Your Profile

Your profile lets instructors and advisors know who you are and how to contact you. It also allows you to set up your reminder preferences.

1.  Log on to Connect

2.  Click the My Profile link at the top

      • Edit any information you would like to add to your profile. It is recommended that you add a phone number so that professional staff know where to best reach you.

3.  Click the Save button.

To Add/Edit Pronouns in Connect please review this helpful guide.

Adding/Editing Pronouns in Connect

To sign up for Tutoring at the STEM Center please follow this steps on this guide.

Signing up for STEM Center Appointments


Make an Appointment with Anyone in My Success Network

To make an appointment with an advisor, coach, or faculty member on campus follow the below instructions. You can also download and print the Making an Appointment Guide. Please note: If you are assigned a faculty advisor, it is best to email them for an appointment if they do not have a Connect calendar set up.

1.  The My Success Network channel on the left-hand side of the Connect main page will display a list of people on campus with whom you have relationships with and can make appointments, if they have an online calendar.

2.  Click the hyperlink of the person’s name to view their calendar.

3.  Available meeting times will have a Sign Up link. Click this link to make an appointment for that time.

4.  Complete the form and click the Save button. You will receive an email confirmation of the appointment.


Access Campus Support Resources from the Success Network

Certain counselors and advisors may be listed in your personal My Success Network channel, but others can be found in the broader Success Network.

1.  ClickSuccess Networkat the top of any page. Search for a service center or scroll through the list of services.

2.  For most resources you can see the office hours, location and website for the service to contact them for an appointment or more information.


View Recommendations for Improvement in My Success Path

Visit your My Success Path on your Connect homepage to find recommendations for improvement in your courses and referral to campus support office. You might receive email notifications for items listed here as well.

Advisors and faculty members may generate To-Do’s, Referrals and/or Academic Progress Flags for you to take action on throughout the semester. If a To-Do, Referral, and/or Academic Progress Flag is created, you will be able to view it on your Connect homepage and you may receive an email notification based on the recommendation. Some To-Do’s and Referrals will have deadlines for completion.

The example below shows To-Do’s, Referrals, and Academic Progress Flags created for student action. It is important to check Connect on a regular basis to ensure you are up-to-date with any requests and appointments made by your Success Network.success path