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Connect Behind the Scenes

The people and organizations that are involved at Ramapo College in making the Connect Early Alert system successful are the core implementation team, the Faculty Advisory Board, and key campus areas including the Athletics department, Center for Reading and Writing, Enrollment Management, Educational Opportunity Fund Program, Adult Degree Completion Program, and Office of Specialized Services.  The Faculty Advisory Board meets semesterly and is made up of faculty members from each school at the College and is consulted regarding key decisions made to the Starfish system such as progress report dates and content changes, as well as potential expansions to other campus constituents. Any change to Ramapo’s use of Starfish is also discussed with campus administration from the various areas listed above. These areas also promote Starfish to their students and colleagues as well as gather and relay feedback to the team.


Core Implementation Team

The Core Implementation Team is made up of the following members:

Executive Sponsor: Christopher Romano, AVP of Enrollment Management
Project Manager: Tracey Bender, Assistant Director of Student Success
Functional Lead: Joseph Connell, Assistant Vice President of Student Success
Technical Lead: Robin Keller, Director of Applications
Technical Support: Sandra Cohen, Data Processing Programmer


Connect Faculty Advisory Board

The Core Implementation team has been guided by the input of the Faculty Advisory Board that was established at the beginning of Connect implementation (July 2013). The Faculty Advisory Board represents all five Schools at Ramapo and is made up of the following members:

Anisfield School of Business: Tim Haase
School of Contemporary Arts: Jacquelyn Skrzynski
School of Humanities and Global Studies: Jeremy Teigen
School of Social Science and Human Services: Eileen Klein and Aaron Lorenz
School of Theoretical and Applied Science: Scott Frees
First Year Seminar: Yvette Kisor


Key Campus Areas

Meetings are held each semester with the Directors of the following offices that have a hand in the implementation and daily use of Connect. The below offices all either utilize the Connect appointments system, review tracking items raised by faculty/staff, partake in the Academic Progress Surveys, or a combination of the above. We will be expanding the below list to include additional services and campus resources as we continue to roll out the system.

  • Adult Degree Completion Program
  • Athletics
  • Cahill Career Development Center
  • Center for Reading and Writing
  • Dean of Student’s Office
  • Enrollment Management
  • Educational Opportunity Fund Program
  • Financial Aid
  • Office of Specialized Services
  • Residence Life
  • Roukema Center for International Education

Yearly Progress and Success

A summary of the success of the Connect Early Alert System by year can be reviewed here:

Connect Year 1 Success (PDF)

Connect Year 2 Success (PDF)