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Progress Reports

Connect gives you a convenient way to support your student’s learning and progress by raising academic progress items when you observe excellent work or performance that concerns you, ensuring that the people on campus who can intervene are aware.

Getting started is easy. Accessible through Ramapo Self Service, Connect will automatically display all students that are enrolled in your courses. From there, you can begin raising academic progress items about students, review items that have been raised about your students, provide additional information and close the loop with other faculty and advisors in your student’s available Success Network.

Academic Progress Reports

You will receive an email reminder when there is a new Academic Progress Report for you to complete. Academic Progress Reports will be sent out once each semester aligned with the semester withdrawal date. These dates can be found on the Important Dates tab of the Connect Resource website.

To access your Academic Progress Report(s):

  1. Click on the Students navigation item at the top of your Connect homepage and then choose the Progress Surveys tab.
  2. Check the boxes to raise academic progress items about certain students.
  3. Add optional comments to progress items you raise.
  4. Click Submit when you are finished to raise the selected progress items.

Note: If you do not have an academic progress item to raise about a student, the automatic survey response is set to No Feedback. You must still hit submit for the survey to be completed even if there is no feedback. You can Save a Draft of the feedback you are submitting, but make sure to go back and hit Submit when complete.