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Nov 29

Stephen LarsonProfessor of Finance

Year Joined RCNJ: 2009

Contact Information

  • Phone: (201) 684-7668
  • Email:
  • Office: ASB-506
  • Office Hours: Fall 2021: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 9:45am - 10:45am


  • B.S. St. Thomas Aquinas
  • M.B.A. Pace University
  • Ph.D. Florida Atlantic University

Courses Offered:

  • Corporate Finance I
  • Financial Planning
  • Risk Management and Insurance

Teaching Interest:

  • Corporate Finance I
  • Insurance Planning
  • Financial Planning

Research Interest:

  • Financial Planning
  • Corporate Finance

Recent Publications:

  • Larson, S. (2018).  Strategy: Assess the Impact of RMD on the 4% Rule.   Journal of Financial Service Professionals, 72(1), 55-63.
  • Larson, S. (2018).  Linking the Capital Budgeting Decision to the Security Market Line.   Advances in Financial Education, 2018, 18-25.
  • Larson, S. (2015).  Considering Time in a Life Insurance Needs Analysis.   Journal of Financial Services Professionals, 69(5), 62-71.
  • Larson, S. J. ( 2012). Estimating the Break-Even Value of a Time-Share Interval. Journal of Financial and Economic Practice, 12 (3).
  • Palkar, D., Larson, S. J., & Larson, R. B. (2012). The Valuation Effects of Military Contract Awards Surrounding 11th September,. Applied Financial Economics, 22 (1-3), 147-164.
  • Larson, S. J. & Wilcox, S. E. (2011).  Market Overreaction for Currency Futures Prices.   Journal of Financial and Economic Practice, 11 (1), 20-36.
  • Larson, S. J. & Larson, R. B. (2009).  Purchase a Time-Share Interval or Rent Hotel Rooms? Preparing for a Discussion with Clients.   Journal of Financial Planning, 22 (11), 44 – 52.
  • Johnson, S. D. & Larson, S. J. (2009).  Understanding the Millennials: Strategies for Financial Planning with a New Generation.   Journal of Financial Planning, 22 (5), 65-71.
  • Larson, R. B. & Larson, S. J. (2008).  The Disadvantages of Not Being Married: What Financial Planners Should Know.   Journal of Financial Services Professionals, 62 (3), 56-64.
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