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Jason Hecht

Professor of Finance

Year Joined RCNJ: 1998

Contact Information


  • B.A., S.U.N.Y., Oneonta
  • M.A., S.U.N.Y., Binghamton
  • M.A., Ph.D., New School for Social Research

Courses Offered:

  • Commercial Bank Management
  • Corporate Finance I
  • Econometrics
  • Financial and Economic Forecasting
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Securities and Investments

Teaching Interest:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Commercial Bank Management
  • Securities and Investments
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Econometrics
  • Financial and Economic Forecasting

Research Interest:

  • Stock Returns and Real Profitability
  • Pooling Models of Profitability
  • Competition and Technological Change in Financial Services
  • Duration, Convexity, and Interest Rate Risk in ALM for Banking and Insurance Companies
  • Financial and Economic History

Recent Publications:

  • Hecht, J. (2018).  Research and Development and Labor Productivity:Do High-Tech Firms Exhibit Labor or Capital Saving Technical Change? Applied Economics, 50:3, 234-255.
  • Hecht, J. (2017) Profitability and Persistence of New Jersey Community Banks.   Banking and Finance Review, 9:2, 1-18.
  • Hecht, J. (2014). Is net stock issuance relevant to capital formation? Comparing heterodox models of firm-level capital expenditures across the advanced and largest developing economies. Cambridge Journal of Economics. 38 (5), 1171-1206.
  • Hecht, J. (2014). Is Equity Finance, Macroeconomic Growth and Capital Intensity Relevant to Firm-Level R&D Expenditures? International Journal of Economics and Finance. 6 (9), 11-27
  • Hecht, J. (2013). Are mega-corps competitive? Some empirical test of business competition, Alternative Theories of Competition, (Eds) Moudud, J., Bina, C., Mason, P.L., (London: Routledge)
  • Hecht, J. & Haye, E. M. (2009).  Modeling the Recent Capital Structure of American, Chinese, and Indian Firms.   Financial Decisions, 21 (1).
  • Hecht, J. & Haye, E. M. (2009).  Pooling vs. Panel Models of Leverage for American, Asian, and European Firms.   European Journal of Economics, Finance, and Administrative Sciences.
  • Hecht, J. (2008).  Modeling Profitability and Capital Intensity Using Panel Corrected Significance Tests.   Applied Financial Economics, 18 (18), 1501-1513.
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