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Eric Haye

Professor of Finance

Year Joined RCNJ: 1996

Contact Information

  • Phone: (201) 684-7347
  • Email:
  • Office: ASB-507
  • Office Hours: Fridays 3:30-6:30pm & by appointment


  • B.A., S.U.N.Y., New Paltz
  • M.A., Ph.D., S.U.N.Y., Binghamton

Courses Offered:

  • Corporate Finance I
  • Corporate Finance II
  • Capital Formation
  • Advanced Topics in Finance

Teaching Interest:

  • Valuation of Securities
  • Options
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Corporate Cash Distribution Policy
  • Capital Structure Theory and Policy
  • Financial Institutions

Research Interest:

  • Determinants of Corporate Capital Structure
  • Corporate Governance and Control
  • Executive Compensation
  • Bank Performance

Recent Publications:

  • Haye, E. (2015).  Hedge Fund Ownership, Board Composition and Dividend Policy in the Telecommunications Industry.   International Journal of Financial Research, 6 (1), 101-110.
  • Haye, E. (2014).  Dividend Policy and Agency Effects: A Look at Financial Firms.   International Journal of Economics and Finance, 6 (2), 8-18.
  • Haye, E. (2009). Board Composition, Ownership Structure, Geographic Regulation and Bank Holding Company Expenses. Journal of Business and Economics Research.
  • Hecht, J. & Haye, E. M. (2009). Pooling vs. Panel Models of Leverage for American, Asian, and European Firms. European Journal of Economics, Finance, and Administrative Sciences.
  • Hecht, J. & Haye, E. (2009). Modeling the Recent Capital Structure of American, Chinese and Asian Firms. Financial Decisions.
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