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Constance Crawford

Professor of Accounting

Year Joined RCNJ: 1992

Contact Information


  • B.S., Fordham University
  • M.B.A., Iona College, C.P.A.

Courses Offered:


  • Principles of Financial Accounting
  • Principles of Managerial Accounting
  • Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Federal Taxation


  • Financial Statistic Analysis-MSAC
  • Auditing & IT-MSAC
  • Accounting for Managerial Decision Making-MBA

Teaching Interest:

  • Auditing
  • Financial Statement Analysis

Research Interest:

  • Ethical Implications of Taxation on Society
  • Viability of Guest Worker Program on U.S. Economy

Recent Publications:

  • Crawford, C., Larson, S., (2023) The Secure Act 2.0 and Its Impact on College Students and Recent Graduates. Journal of Financial Service Professionals, 77(6), 71-76.
  •  Crawford, C., Crawford, C. L., & Vallach, G. C. (2018).  Are State and Local Income and Property Taxes Akin to Charitable Contributions….An Analysis of an Inequitable Limitation.   Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 21 (1), 11-16.
  • Crawford, C., Vallach, G. C., & Crawford, C. L. (2017).  Role of Earnings Stripping as an Elaborate Tool to Avoid Corporate Income Taxes…Should Congress Impose an Exit Tax to Thwart the Tax Avoidance Scheme….   Journal of Accounting and Finance, 17 (3).
  • Crawford, C. (2017).  The Earned Income Tax Credit on its 40th Anniversary-The Most Successful Anti-Poverty Program in the United States?   Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, 14 (1).
  • Crawford, C. (2015).  Corporate Inversions: Are They Tax Avoidance Schemes or the Reaction to an Unfair Tax System?   Public and Municipal Finance, 4 (1), 15-18.
  • Stellenwerf, A., Kim, Y., & Crawford, C. (2014).  Is Cheating Gender Oriented? A Study on the Correlation Between Demographic Characteristics and Cheating in College.  International Research Journal of Applied Finance, 5 (4), 371-377.
  • Crawford, C. & Crawford, C. (2014).  2014 Individual Tax Landscape.   CPA Journal, 6-8.
  • Crawford, C. J. & Vallach, G. C. (2013).  Are Initial Public Offerings a License to Steal from the Unsophisticated Investor? An Analysis of the Facebook IPO Debacle and the Class Action Lawsuit.   Journal of Business and Economics, 4 (1), 42-48.
  • Crawford, C. J. & Crawford, C. L. (2013).  The Minimum Wage 2013: A Minimum Standard of Living Necessary for Health, Efficiency and General Well-Being.   American International Journal of Contemporary Research, 3 (10), 1-5.
  • Crawford, C., Vallach, G. C., & Crawford, C. L. (2012).  To Err is Human to Forgive Divine…..Should the Credit Rating Agencies Be Held Responsible for the Chaos They Have Caused the US Economy: A Study of the Rate of Reliability.   GSTF Journal on Business Review, 1 (4), 7-12.
  • Crawford, C. J., Sabrin, M., & Tuneva, E. (2012).  Property Taxes in New Jersey: Are Homeowners Paying for School Districts at a Disproportionate Rate….Is There Tax Equity in New Jersey?   Public and Municipal Finance, 1 (1), 27-29.
  • Crawford, C. (2011).  Workforce Transformation Issues: Can We Enable Workers to Acquire Adequate Skills and Knowledge Necessary to Succeed in a Multi-Generational Workforce Environment?   International Research Journal of Applied Finance, II (11), 1442-1449.
  • Crawford, C. J., Crawford, C. L., & Rigoli, R. (2011).  Fair Value Issues and the Subprime Mortgage Debacle: Could Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Underlying the Historical Cost Method Have Prevented the Crisis?   Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing, 7 (11), 1-6.
  • Crawford, C. & Rigoli, R. (2010).  A Comparative Analysis of Social Security Services and Social Security Programs in the
  • International Arena.   The Global Journal of Business Research, 4 (3).
  • Crawford, C. (2010).  Can Forensic Accounting Provide the Tools to Restore Confidence in the Financial Statement Reporting Process.   Journal of Business and Accounting, 3 (1), 125-133.
  • Crawford, C. (2010).  In The Midst of Economic Disaster Can The United States Care About Green Accounting?….Which Is More Important A Sustainable Economy Or A Sustainable Environment?   International Journal of Green Economics.
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