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Class Schedule & Course Curriculum Details

Live Class Meeting Schedule

BUILDING A CLASS All classes will be scheduled on Monday from 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm in ASB 321. Please call Donna Schweizer, Program Coordinator at 201.684.7370 if interested or sign up for an info session.


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Course Curriculum Details

TOPIC 1 – Introduction
  • History of the Blockchain
  • Introduction to technology of Blockchain
  • Define Peer to Peer systems, the block structure in the Blockchain
  • What is Dynamic Shared Ledger?
  • Define the Public Key and the Private Key
  • Dry run a typical transaction
TOPIC 2 – Data Protection in Blockchain
  • Basic concept of Hashing
  • Layers in Blockchain: Data Layer, Network Layer, Consensus Layer
  • Create a Public Private Key in a Wallet
  • Interact with a Blockchain test network
  • Visualize a Blockchain network
  • The distributed security mechanism in a Blockchain
TOPIC 3 – Consensus Mechanism in Blockchain
  • Synchronization in Distributed Systems
  • History of Consensus
  • Basic understanding of Consensus
  • Discussion of the Byzantine General problem
  • Impact of consensus mechanisms on Blockchain
  • Exploring the consensus in public Blockchain
  • Designing your own consensus problem for a business problem
TOPIC 4 – Introduction to Smart Contracts
  • Introduction to state machines
  • Transition states in a state machine
  • Building your own state machine
  • Smart contracts as a state machine
  • Concept of an oracle
  • Defining your own smart contract
  • Using machine learning in Smart contracts
TOPIC 5 – Distributed Applications (DApp) and types of Blockchain
  • Introduction to the different types of Blockchain
  • Introduction to Distributed Apps
  • Linking Business need to Blockchain type
  • Understanding of concepts on forking in Blockchain
  • Mechanisms in DApps: security and Smart Contracts
  • Exploring some commercial DApps
TOPIC 6 – Building a Blockchain Solution: Challenges
  • Blockchain solution mobilization in Private Networks and Public Networks
  • Licensing and Cryptocurrency key concepts
  • Requirements for Blockchain application development
  • Processes for deploying a Blockchain solution
  • Challenges for Blockchain solution deploy
TOPIC 7 – Introduction to Bitcoin
  • History of Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin current day applications
  • Transaction and consensus in Bitcoin
  • Hard forks in Bitcoin
  • Studying the transactions of Bitcoin
  • Future applications on Bitcoin
TOPIC 8 – Commercial Implementation of Blockchain
  • Study a commercial application in public network
  • Study a commercial application in private network
  • Analyze a business problem
  • Develop a feasibility analysis for Blockchain transition
  • Identify the roadblocks to transition
  • Present the basic smart contracts and consensus mechanism
  • Present basic governance mechanism (if private)
  • Present basic crypto model (if public)