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Black Lives Matter at Ramapo College and in the Anisfield School of Business

The faculty and staff of the Anisfield School of Business at Ramapo College are committed to the Black Lives Matter movement.

We are committed, as scholars, teachers, and staff, to deal with issues of racism of all kinds, anti-Blackness, and the struggle for social justice, particularly as they relate to the business community and all of our stakeholders. We will support all Ramapo College programs that attempt to raise awareness of these issues, and we commit ourselves to delivering programs of our own to share with the College community.

We are committed to supporting our students, faculty, and staff of color in the collective struggle against racist and anti-Black practices and policies within and outside of our institution.

We understand and value the significance of amplifying Black and other marginalized voices, and we commit ourselves to helping our students, and all within our community, understand the essential value of diversity and the importance of dismantling systemic inequities in order to create a just and fair world for all.

We expect that all who are associated with the Anisfield School of Business will join us in this commitment.