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Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Education and Certification Programs option:

Ramapo College offers a post-baccalaureate option for those students with a prior bachelors degree looking to obtain initial teacher certification. This education program option is ideal for students who:

  • already hold a bachelors degree; and
  • are interested in obtaining either:
    • NJ K-12 Content Area Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing; or
    • NJ Elementary Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing.

General Requirements

The Post-Baccalaureate TE/Certification Program application process begins with an advisement session with our Post-Baccalaureate Program Advisor. During this session prospective students and the Advisor:

  • review all previous transcripts and credits earned;
  • examine the desired NJ Teacher Certification requirements; and
  • develop an initial customized program design that specifically aligns to the desired NJ Certification requirements.

Program requirements consist of both coursework, distinct course-aligned clinical experiences and a full-year clinical practice internship in a variety of school settings. Required courses may be taken during the traditional fall and spring semesters, summer sessions I and II, winter session and online, see Academic Calendars.

The final year of the Post-Baccalaureate Program is a modified cohort model which requires:

  • Fall Semester – completion of the part-time Clinical Practice I internship (180 hours) and co-requisite methods courses
  • Spring Semester – completion of the full-time Clinical Practice II internship (525 hours) and co-requisite Capstone Seminar

For additional information regarding 1) NJ Elementary K – 6 Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing requirements, please visit NJDOE K-6 Elementary CEAS; or 2) NJ Content Area Certificates of Eligibility with Advanced Standing requirements, please visit NJDOE Certificate Subject Area/Grade Level Codes.

Completion of the above program is noted on the student’s official Ramapo College of NJ transcripts. Guidance is provided for students to successfully apply to the state of New Jersey for the NJ Elementary or Content Area Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing.

Program Enrollment/Application

  • Prospective students must consult with Joanne Caselli (201-684-7626) prior to enrollment in or application to this program.
  • Current Ramapo education students in Good Academic Standing should use the Major/Minor Declaration Form available through the Registrar’s Office to enroll in this program.  Click on “Change of Major/Minor” to access the form.

Program Accreditation

The Teacher Education Program at Ramapo College of New Jersey is offered through the School of Social Science and Human Services which is fully certified by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The Ramapo program is approved by the New Jersey State Department of Education under the standards established by the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification. Teacher preparation candidates are prepared to become student-oriented teachers who design high quality learning activities to meet a broad spectrum of learning styles and learning needs.

The Teacher Education Program at Ramapo College is CAEP accredited through May 2027. Ramapo College is located ideally for access to field experience opportunities. Many outstanding urban, suburban, and rural school districts are within a reasonable distance from the college and are most generous in their efforts to support high standards in teacher preparation.



I got my undergrad degree in XXX and now I want to go back to school for teaching. Is this possible at Ramapo? What is the process?

Yes. Students interested in educational studies and NJ Teacher Certification will contact the Office of TE/Certification to schedule an appointment to review admissions requirements.

Is your Teacher Ed program available in the evenings or online? Can I do coursework in this way, and what availability do I need during the student teaching year?

The TE/Certification Program makes concerted efforts to accommodate the working professional. Therefore, courses are scheduled in the late afternoon/evening, to the extent possible. However, the Clinical Practice I and II internships require that students are in the field two (CP1) and five (CP2) days/week throughout the semester.

How is your program different than Alternate Route?

Students complete the required Clinical Practice I and II internships which allows for Teacher Certification with Advanced Standing.

Can I work full time while pursuing the Post Baccalaureate TE program?

No. The Clinical Practice I and II internships require that students are in the field two (CP1) and five (CP2) days/week throughout the semester. These are unpaid internships.

How long will it take me?

Students can typically complete all course and internship requirements within two (2) years.

Is there job placement or placement and career assistance?

The Office of TE/Certification works in partnership with its professional development schools network to support recruitment.

What endorsements are available at Ramapo through TE?

Please visit our TE website – content area specializations for a full list.

Do you help me apply for certification through the state of NJ?

Yes. Students are fully supported throughout the application process. All applications are submitted through the Office of Teacher Education/Certification.