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Middle School Content Area Certification Specializations

The Middle School Content Area Certification Specializations education program option:

This program option is ideal for students and practicing teachers who want to broaden their job prospects. Both certified elementary and high school teachers can become qualified to teach at the middle school level. The NJ Middle School Content Area Certification Specialization offers certified teachers the opportunity to become highly qualified in Mathematics, Science, English/Language Arts, and Social Studies at the Middle School Level.


The Middle School Content Area Certification Specialization requirements consist of both coursework, distinct course-aligned clinical experiences and a full-year clinical practice internship in a variety of school settings.  Required courses may be taken during the traditional fall and spring semesters, summer sessions I and II, winter session and online, see Academic Calendars.

To earn the RCNJ Middle School Certificate, students are required to take:

    1. Four content area-specific courses (16 credits)
    2. PSYC 347 Adolescent Psychology
    3. Select seminars focused on issues critical to middle school teaching

The final year of the student’s academic program is a modified cohort model which requires:

  • Fall Semester – completion of the part-time Clinical Practice I internship (180 hours) and co-requisite methods courses
  • Spring Semester – completion of the full-time Clinical Practice II internship (525 hours) and co-requisite Capstone Seminar

Completion of the above requirements is noted on the student’s official Ramapo College of NJ transcripts. Guidance is provided for students to successfully apply to the state of New Jersey for the Middle School endorsement once their coursework is complete.

English/Literary Studies Minor for BSEE Students

English/Literary Studies Minor for BSEE Students

Interested BSEE students may pursue the English/Literary Studies Minor. Students who complete the minor will also be eligible for the Middle School ELA Specialization by completing the PSYC 347 (Adolescent Psychology).

The minor in English/Literary Studies program consists of five (5) courses:

  • LITR 203 Methods of Literary Study and
  • Any four additional LITR courses (one at the 300 level)

BSEE major are required to take two (2)  LITR courses (the recommended LITR 302 Grammar: Theory And Pedagogy and LITR 308 Children’s And Young Adult Literature). Additionally, the required EDUC 346 Literacy Theory and Practice is accepted as an LITR course. Therefore, every BSEE major takes three of the five required courses for the LITR minor. The remaining two (LITR 203 and any other course) are offered every semester. Most  majors can complete the minor within a single summer semester. A sample English/Literary Studies minor design is provided below:

  • LITR 203 Methods of Literary Study (4 credits)
  • LITR 302 Grammar: Theory And Pedagogy (4 credits)
  • LITR 308 Children’s And Young Adult Literature (4 credits)
  • LITR 235 African American Literature (4 credits)
  • EDUC 346 Literacy Theory & Practice (4 credits)

Benefits of the Elementary/Literary Studies Minor:

  • With only two additional courses, BSEE majors earn an additional credential
    valued by schools and potentially enhancing career prospects
  • The English/Literary Studies minor offers valuable content area knowledge central
    to English language arts, an essential field for elementary- and middle-level teachers.
  • English/Literary Studies courses offer not just additional writing instruction
    for teachers in training, but increased opportunity to learn writing pedagogy.
  • LITR courses like LITR 235 African American Literature, LITR 279 The Graphic Novel, LITR 304 History of The English Language, and LITR 306 Literary Theory are already recognized by faculty in English/Literary Studies Studies and Elementary Education as offering particular value.
  • BSEE students who earn the LITR minor also satisfy the content area coursework requirements for the NJ Middle School ELA Certification Specialization certification.
  • BSEE students who earn the LITR minor may choose to expand their credentials to earn the additional NJ K-12 ELA Teacher certification. This minor places that goal within their grasp with careful advising.

Edward Shannon
English/Literary Studies Convener
Phone: (201) 684-7425
Office: B-207

Program Enrollment/Application

Program Accreditation

The Teacher Education Program at Ramapo College of New Jersey is offered through the School of Social Science and Human Services which is fully certified by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The Ramapo program is approved by the New Jersey State Department of Education under the standards established by the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification. Teacher preparation candidates are prepared to become student-oriented teachers who design high quality learning activities to meet a broad spectrum of learning styles and learning needs.

The Teacher Education Program at Ramapo College is CAEP accredited through May 2027. Ramapo College is located ideally for access to field experience opportunities. Many outstanding urban, suburban, and rural school districts are within a reasonable distance from the college and are most generous in their efforts to support high standards in teacher preparation.