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Undergraduate Programs in Education

Our Teacher Education and Certification Undergraduate Programs offer a wide range of state-of-the-art academic and professional certificate programs designed to meet your unique learning, professional and personal needs. Each of our undergraduate degree and certification program offerings is grounded in the liberal arts, and built upon the four institutional pillars that promote experiential, interdisciplinary and culturally responsive teaching and learning.

For information regarding any one of our program offerings, including academic and professional certification requirements, please explore the desired web site by selecting the button link option below. Enjoy your experience!

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Office of Undergraduate Teacher Education and Certification Programs 



After acceptance to Ramapo - when do I apply for the Teacher Education program? What is the process?

Students interested in educational studies and NJ Teacher Certification will contact the Office of TE/Certification to schedule an appointment to review admissions requirements. While students might declare Elementary Education as a major at the time of application, they are not officially admitted into the selected program until all admissions requirements are satisfied. See TE website for further details.

Do I have to double major if I want to teach in high school?

No. You would declare a major with a concentration in secondary education aligned to the desired certification content area.

What happens if I don’t pass the Praxis I? Praxis II?

If you do not achieve the minimum score required by the NJ Department of Education on first attempt, you may take the test until you achieve this score.

Am I assigned a placement for student teaching or can I choose?

Placement in the TE/Certification partner school district is strongly encouraged, but not required at this time. However, the Office of Clinical Experiences strives to best accommodate all students.

Can I teach outside of NJ with my teacher certification from Ramapo?

Yes. However, each state has its own policies that may require additional credentials and related assessments.

Transfer students - Can I finish in two years?

While it may require completion of coursework and related requirements beyond the fall and summer semesters, it is possible.

Why is Elementary Education a major, but Middle and High School Education are not?

Students that are interested in teaching at the secondary level are required by the NJ Department of Education (NJ DOE) to complete a minimum of 30 credits in a coherent sequence in the respective subject field. A coherent sequence requires that at least 12 credits are completed at the advanced level of study (junior, senior or graduate level).

Can you have two content endorsements? As an example - English and History?

Yes. However, to hold multiple K-12 content area certificates, the candidate must satisfy the required coursework for each of the respective certification subject fields. A student can also opt to obtain an additional Middle School Subject Matter Specialization Endorsement. Regulations for this certification require that applicants hold an Elementary School or N-12 subject matter endorsement in order to be eligible for Middle School with Subject Matter Specialization. Issuance of the Middle School with Subject Matter Specialization certificate will be contingent upon eligibility and/or issuance of the Elementary School or N-12 subject matter endorsement. Current NJ DOE regulations for certification require that applicants complete a minimum of 15 credits in the subject area in which one wants to be certified, as well as a course in “Child and Early Adolescent Development” or its equivalent. Courses in educational pedagogy do not count towards the subject matter requirement.

Do students have experience at urban, suburban, and rural school districts?

Yes. Students are required to complete clinical experiences across multiple courses and diverse field placements.