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Forms / Transcripts

Forms (Alphabetical Order)

Creating and Applying a Digital Signature

Obtaining an original signature on a document can be difficult.  The link below contains instructions on how to create and apply your digital signature to a form.


Active Military Priority Registration Request

A Ramapo College student currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces who wishes to receive priority registration must apply for this status annually. The student must request an application from the Office of the Registrar and submit the application along with any required supporting documentation to that office no later than the last day to drop a class in the fall semester (as specified in the Academic Calendar) for spring and fall registration priority registration. If the student is placed on active duty mid-year, the student may apply for fall only priority registration no later than the last day to drop a class in the spring semester (as specified in the Academic Calendar).The Office of the Registrar will review the application, inform the student of the outcome via email, and, if the student’s request has been accepted, implement all necessary processes to ensure that the student receives priority registration. This status expires on the last day of the spring semester.

Audit Adjustment Request Form
Audit Grade Request Form

The audit grade is given for completion of a course (except for exams and required papers), if requested before the add/drop deadline. No credit is given for this course. (The same tuition and fees apply as in the case of enrollment for credit.) The audit grade form must be filled out and turned in to the Office of the Registrar by the last day of the add/drop period. If a student auditing a course does not complete the requirements for audit set up by the instructor, no audit grade is assigned, and the instructor may assign an administrative withdrawal.

Please download the form to complete.

Certificate to Credit

Matriculated undergraduate students at Ramapo are eligible to apply for a Certification Credit Evaluation.  Common types of certifications evaluated include but are not limited to:  American Red Cross First Aid and CPR, New Jersey Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and New Jersey Municipal Police Basic Course for Police Officers (2000-2015 only).   These credits are awarded as the equivalent of currently offered Ramapo courses provided that the course content and learning outcomes align and that the number of hours of instruction are determined to be adequate.

Credit Overload Request Form
Degree Verification

Ramapo College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree verifications. The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:

Phone:  703-742-4200
Fax: 703-742-4239

National Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Blvd,  Suite 220
Herndon, VA 20171

Enrollment Verification

Enrollment and other types of verifications are provided for students beginning approximately one week after the start of the term.

Ramapo College of New Jersey has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment verifications free of charge to students. Using Student Self-Service, you can print enrollment verification certifications, view your enrollment history and enrollment verifications provided at your request, check loan deferments sent to your lenders, and link to real-time information on your student loans. You can access Student Self-Service by logging onto Web for Students using your username and password.

Students may use the forms below for situations the National Student Clearing House is unable to accommodate such as:

  • Auto Insurance/Good Student Discount
  • Students that do not have a social security number on file with the college
  • Graduation interim for pre-semester verification.
  • Students no longer enrolled at Ramapo College.

These types of verifications require production in the Registrar’s Office. The completed Verification Request Form with the required student signature may be mailed or faxed to the Registrar’s Office. All verification information will be mailed or faxed to the receiving agency or employer.

FERPA Waiver Form

Students may grant permission for members of the Ramapo College staff and faculty to discuss information contained in their educational records.  The permission must be given in writing using the FERPA Waiver Form available here or in the Office of the Registrar (D-224).  The form must be completed and signed by the student and may be submitted in person; via email (as an attachment to the student’s Ramapo email address only); or via the US Postal service.  If the form is sent thru the mail, a copy of the student’s driver’s license must be included in order to validate the name and signature on the form.  Questions may be directed to the Office of the Registrar ( or 201-684-7695).

Fifty (50) Percent Drop Form

50% Drop Policy – To drop a course(s) during the 50% refund period the student must complete a 50% Drop Form  in the Office of the Registrar or by dropping the course online. If a full time student drops a course during this period and remains in full-time status no refund will occur, but the course will not appear on the transcript. (see Academic Calendar)

1. Students may drop a course online through Web Self Service by following the steps below:

a. Log into Web Self Service and Financial Aid” tab
c. Click “Registration”
d. Click “Add/Drop Classes”
e. Select Term
f. Choose Drop under “Action”
g. Keep the receipt generated for your records


2. Students can come in person to the Office of the Registrar (D224) and complete the 50% Drop Form.

Graduation Application - Information

Incomplete Form

After the refund period has ended a student may request an incomplete grade from a course. Given in exceptional circumstances when approved by the instructor and when requested by a student who has satisfactorily completed at least two-thirds of course requirements prior to the end of a term, for reasons of illness or other emergency. When the work is completed by the date indicated on the academic calendar, the grade assigned replaces the I. If work is not satisfactorily completed by the date indicated in the Academic Calendar, the grade is changed to F.  There will be no refund.  (See Academic Calendar)

Incomplete Form Extension

In extraordinary circumstances a student may petition for an incomplete extension. The incomplete may only be extended until the end of the semester following the semester the incomplete grade was given. The incomplete extension form must be obtained from the Office of the Registrar and requires the student signature and faculty approval.  The deadline to submit the extension to the Office of the Registrar is the last day to resolve an incomplete grade as posted on the Academic Calendar.  

Independent Study Form

Limited opportunities to enroll for course work on an Independent Study basis are available. A student interested in this option should obtain an Independent Study Registration Form from the Registrar; have it completed by the instructor,  the dean of the school sponsoring the Independent Study, and, in the case of a graduate independent study, the graduate program director; and return it to the Registrar’s Office.

  • Undergraduate students may not enroll for more than FOUR (4) credits of Independent Study during any semester, including summer or winter.
  • Normally, undergraduate students may not exceed eight credits of Independent Study over the course of a student’s career.
  • Graduate students may enroll up to six (6) credits of independent study towards graduation requirements with the permission of the program director. Graduate students may petition the dean to allow enrollment in additional independent study credits.
  • Students on academic probation or academic warning are eligible for Independent Study only with the Dean’s permission.
  • Students may not take an Independent Study for a course that is offered within the regular schedule for that semester.
  • Students must complete a contract form for Independent Study as well as the Independent Study Registration Form. This form will indicate the purpose, objective, grading criteria, guidelines for hours of work required, discipline and level, and title/credits for the Independent Study.
  • Independent Study registrations will not be accepted after the last day of add/drop as indicated in the academic calendar.
  • Students may appeal the provisions in this policy to the dean sponsoring the independent study course.
4+1 Graduate Major Declaration Form

A student has the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in a total of five years.  Please contact the graduate program director for additional enrollment information and guidelines.

Major/Minor/Concentration - Declaration/Change Form

A student may change his/her major at any time during the semester by completing the Major and Minor Declaration Online form below. This form must be completed by the student and the Office of Registrar will update the major change.  It is recommended that major changes are made before the next registration cycle, but it is imperative that undeclared student declare a major before earning 64 credits. Registration holds will be placed to enforce this policy.

Name/Telephone/Address Change

It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Office of the Registrar of a name and/or address change. A name change must be accompanied by a copy of a legal document authorizing the change. It is imperative that the Registrar’s Office be notified of all address changes so that registration notices and other important mailings are sent to the correct address.

Students are advised to review and update Emergency Contact information under Personal Information on the Web for Students and change as is appropriate.

Official Transcripts

Official Transcripts – Electronic (NSC)  Nonrefundable-Fee

Ramapo College has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse to assist with the processing of Official Transcript requests. This partnership allows us to offer electronic transcript processing.

The National Student Clearinghouse will notify you at each step in the process.

Transcript Pricing

  • Official Transcript Fee: $4.40 per transcript request.

Your Transcripts:

  • Transcripts BEFORE Fall 1988:You will not be able to order transcripts electronically if you attended prior to Fall 1988. You can request these transcripts via mail. Please complete the transcript request form found here: Transcript Request-Paper.
  • Electronic Transcripts (via email): The email link to download is available for 30 days.
  • Holds: Holds must be cleared before transcripts can be processed. Please be sure to clear your hold prior to requesting a transcript.

Processing Your Order:

  • Processing Time: Orders are typically processed within 1-3 business days,.
  • Editing Addresses: Once an order has been placed, you will not be allowed to change the recipient’s email address. You must place a new order with the correct address.
  • Cancelling Order: Due to our automated ordering process, once an order is received it cannot be cancelled.

Official Transcripts – Paper (No Fee)

To request an official transcript, the student must fill out an Official Transcript Request Form, which may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office, by mail, fax or on-line. Usually official transcripts are mailed to another institution, place of employment or certifying board.  A maximum of five official transcripts will be permitted per request.  Typically, official transcripts are processed in 3-5 business days (during peak period it may be longer).

There is no charge for a paper copy of an official transcript. You may print and complete the Official Transcript Request Form (link below) email, mail or fax it to the Registrar’s office. Fax: 201-684-7956.

Please note: If you don’t have an “R” number, please use the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.

Pass/Fail Form

This option may be initiated by the instructor or student. Instructors will specify that a course is being offered only for P/F grades in the course description; in some cases, the student may then petition for A to F grading by the date posted on the Academic Calendar.  In the event that a course is being offered with A to F grading, students must select the P/F option by the date posted on the Academic Calendar, and that grading option cannot be changed thereafter. The P/F option may be selected by the student for a total of four credits in any semester (fall, winter, spring, or summer) and for a total of no more than four out of each 12 credits earned for a grade.

This option is available only for free-elective courses; courses fulfilling any requirement, including (but not limited to) general education, school core, major and/or minor requirements, are not eligible to be taken for P/F.

Registration Request Form
Replacement Diploma

Alumni can request a duplicate copy of their diploma. The new diploma will reflect the signatures of the current college administration. The cost of this service is $30.00 and takes approximately 6-8 weeks for processing.

Withdrawal Form

After the refund period has ended a student may withdraw from a course. The grade for the course will be recorded as a “W” on the student’s transcript.  There will be no refund.  An Instructor permission is not required; however, students are encouraged to discuss the withdrawal with their professor.  If you have a hold on your record you CANNOT drop a course on the Web Self-Service site.

Students may Withdraw from a course as follows:

Web Self Service

Students may withdraw from a course online through Web Self Service by following the steps below:

a. Log into Web Self Service
b. Click on the “Student Services and Financial Aid” tab
c. Click “Registration”
d. Click “Register for Classes”
e. Select Term
f. Choose Withdrawal-Web under “Action” (Located in Summary Panel)
g. Click Submit
h. At the top of the screen in Green will be “Save Successful”.
i. Verify your Withdrawal has been processed by viewing the Schedule Details panel located in the lower left corner.  The phrase Withdrawn should appear next to the course.


In Person

Students can Withdraw in person at the Office of the Registrar (D224) and complete the course Withdrawal Form. The form is available at the office or can be accessed via the Withdrawal Form link.


Via Email

Students can send an email from their Ramapo Email Account to stating they want to withdraw from a course(s).

The email must include the following information for each course you want to withdraw from:

  • Your Name (First and Last)
  • Ramapo ID Number (aka R#)
  • CRN (Course Identification Number)
  • Subject  (Example:  INTD)
  • Course Number (Example 100)
  • Section Number (Example 01)
  • Title of the Course

 A student may NOT withdraw after the published deadline. (See Academic Calendar)

After dropping/withdrawing ALL your course(s), students must complete the WD/LOA process in Connect.  PDF instructions on completing the process are listed below.

Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Instructions  (PDF)