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Repeat Course form

Repeat Course Request Form

An undergraduate or graduate student may retake a failed course or a course they passed and apply for the Repeat Course option. The student should consult with their advisor or graduate program director before applying for the Repeat Course option. All Repeat Courses must be requested by the time a student applies for graduation following the graduation application deadline posted on the Academic Calendar.

NOTE: Students who have been notified that they are suspended or dismissed and wish to appeal their suspensions or dismissals must apply for all applicable Repeat Courses prior to submitting written appeals for immediate reinstatement. Students who accept their suspensions or dismissals or who are later notified that the Dean did not accept their appeals may not apply for any Repeat Courses until such time as they regain probationary status. Suspended students who serve their suspension terms and later apply successfully for reinstatement or readmission on probationary status may again use the Repeat Course option.

Understanding the Retake and Repeat Course Request
What do I do? Register for course again [A Retake form, is needed if you passed the course previously. Permission of the Academic School Dean is required if the same course is to be retaken more than once.] After registering for the course again, you must complete this Repeat Course Request Form.
How does it affect my transcript? All courses and all grades appear on transcript. All courses and all grades appear on
transcript. Courses successfully
retaken and approved for
“Repeat Course” options will have an
R before the previous grade earned
in the repeated course [e.g., RC+,
RD, RF].
How does it affect my GPA? All courses and all grades are used in the calculation of overall GPA, but only best grade earned in each major-required course is used in calculation of the Major GPA. Grades previously earned in courses to which the “Repeat Course” option is applied are not counted towards GPA.
What happens with my credits earned? Credits earned for each course can only be counted towards graduation once. [e.g., undergraduate students who repeated one 4 credit course will need 132 credits to graduate.] Credits earned for each course can only be counted towards graduation once.
How many courses can I use it for? No limit Undergraduate students: Four
Graduate students: Two
Where do I go for assistance? Registrar if retaking a course just once. Dean if retaking the same course more than once. Office of Registrar
Important Notes If a student was found responsible for violating the College’s Academic Integrity Policy in a course, then the course is ineligible for a Repeat Course option. Not all courses are eligible for Repeat Course options — please read the Procedure associated with the Retaking and Repeating Courses Policy.

Before completing this application form, please review the entire Retaking and Repeating Courses policy.


Repeat Course Request Form

Have you received a sanction for an academic integrity violation in this course? *