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Incomplete Grades

Given in exceptional circumstances when approved by the instructor and when requested by a student who has satisfactorily completed at least two-thirds of course requirements prior to the end of a term, for reasons of illness or other emergency. When the work is completed by the date indicated on the academic calendar, the grade assigned replaces the I. If work is not satisfactorily completed by the date indicated in the Academic Calendar, the grade is changed to F.

Incomplete Policy (Online Courses Only)

  • Review the Academic Calendar for Incomplete Dates
  • Students will need to submit a request from their Ramapo e-mail account to their instructor.  Online Incomplete Forms may be obtained by contacting Office of the Registrar.
  • The Online Incomplete Form must be completed by the student and the signature field, completion date, and the work to be completed filled in by the instructor.
  • The form then needs to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar: The Incomplete Request Form must be received in the Office of the Registrar by the last day of the semester/session.
  • Incompletes for the Winter term are not permitted for January graduates.  If a January graduate needs an incomplete they will need to defer their graduation date to June.

Incomplete Extensions

In extraordinary circumstances a student may petition for an incomplete extension. The incomplete may only be extended until the end of the semester following the semester the incomplete grade was given. The incomplete extension form must be obtained from the Office of the Registrar and requires the faculty and dean’s approval.  The deadline to submit the extension to the Office of the Registrar is the last day to resolve an incomplete grade as posted on the Academic Calendar.  

Pass / Fail Grades

This option may be initiated by the instructor or by the student. Instructors will specify that a course is being offered for P/F grades in the course comments. In some cases the student may then petition for A to F grading. In the event that a course is being offered with A to F grading, students must select the P/F grade type by the date specified on the Academic Calendar for that semester and it cannot be changed thereafter. Students may use the P/F option on courses that are free electives only. The P/F grade type may be selected by the student for a total of four credits in any term for a total of no more than four out of each 12 credits earned for a grade. This option is available only for elective courses. The Change of Grade Type Form is available at the Center for Student Success. This form must be filled out, the appropriate signatures obtained, and returned to the Advisement Center by the date noted on the Academic Calendar on the Web.

Repeat Course Policy

An undergraduate student may repeat a course regardless of whether they previously passed or failed the course in order to try to earn a better grade.  An R grade is given (together with the initial grade grade) when a course from an earlier term is successfully repeated. The credits attempted for the R grade are changed to E (excluded) when the repeated course is successfully completed. It is not reversible at a later date. Click here for procedure and policy restrictions and limitations.

Audit Grades

The audit grade is given for completion of a course (except for exams and required papers), if requested before the add/drop deadline. No credit is given for this course. (The same tuition and fees apply as in the case of enrollment for credit.) The audit grade form (available in the Office of the Registrar) must be filled out and turned in to the Office of the Registrar by the last day of the add/drop period. If a student auditing a course does not complete the requirements for audit set up by the instructor, no audit grade is assigned, and the instructor may assign an administrative withdrawal.

Repeat Grades

Undergraduate and graduate students may, without any additional requirements, retake once a course they already took regardless of whether they passed or failed it. If the course was previously passed, the student must submit a Request to Retake a Course Form in the Office of the Registrar before registering for the course.   Click here for procedure and policy restrictions and limitations.