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Summer Online Courses

Summer Session

Take summer courses with Ramapo College of New Jersey and still have the summer to yourself. Choose a summer course that meets your needs so you can stay on track, catch up on coursework, engage with something new or accelerate time to your degree.

  • All courses offered at a discounted rate *
  • Flexible learning: online or in person options for courses
  • Complete a General Education or Pre-Req that will prepare you for fall registration
  • Help you get caught up on your four-year plan
  • Focus on a new and challenging course that interests you
  • Summer Session 1 runs May 30th to July 3rd — leaving plenty of time to enjoy your summer

Ramapo College offers a variety of online courses during our summer and winter sessions. The courses are consistent with Summer Session student academic needs over the years. At Ramapo, we are using the Canvas Learning Management System LLMS).

Visit the Canvas Site To Find Out More the Canvas LMS and Online Courses:

For more information, the link to the Canvas Student Video Tutorial site is:

(If you experience any problems viewing any of the information, please use Mozilla/Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer or as your browser)

The site provides information regarding:

  • hardware and software requirements and demonstration videos for using the Canvas Learning Management System

When you have completed the Orientation, or any time you are in a CANVAS  course, you can select the Help icon and search a variety of Canvas Guides and resources for assistance

How do Ramapo College online courses work?

  • You MUST contact your professor for hardware/software requirements, if you will need to meet at specific times, and for syllabus information.
  • Classes may be held on the Canvas Learning Management System.
  • Your e-mail username and password are the login information for the Canvas Learning Management System through the Ramapo Single Sign on Page.
  • All on line  classes will be self paced, as arranged by your professor according to their schedule.
  • Verify when courses will start
  • Verify that you have the correct materials and textbooks required for the start of your class.

How do I register for Course(s)?

Visit Ramapo College Self Service to register for an online course.

How do I set up a Ramapo e-mail account?

  • All Students MUST set up their Ramapo e-mail. All written correspondence MUST be sent using your Ramapo e-mail. 
    • New Students: To set up a Ramapo e-mail account visit Webmail and click on “Activate E-mail Account”.
    • Help: If you forget your Ramapo e-mail username and/or password, contact Ramapo ITS.

Will there be any additional requirements for this course?

  • Contact your instructor via e-mail for additional online requirements

How do I order my textbooks?

  • To order textbooks please visit the Bookstore.
  • Click on “Visit Our Official Online Bookstore” and follow the instructions.

(Jill, do you have better information from the Bookstore for ordering through Folett Discover I am not sure how valid this link still is:

Will there be an online orientation and/or established online meeting schedule?

  • Once you have registered for your online course(s), you should contact the instructor(s) for information regarding specific requirements and online meeting schedule(s)
  • Check your e-mail storage capacity. A full mailbox will prevent you from receiving critical e-mails.
  • Review your detailed course schedule to make sure that you are aware of the start date for the course and end date for the course.

Who do I contact if I need additional help?

  • Academic – Please contact the professor via e-mail.
  • Tech/User Support/Canvas Learning System Login Issues – Contact Information Technology Services at or call (201) 684-7777
  • Registration – Contact the Registrar’s office at or call (201) 684-7695

Payment Information – Contact the Office of Student Accounts at or call (201) 684-7495