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Q. Is the Office of Specialized Services an “LD program?”

A. No. The Office of Specialized Services is not a comprehensive learning disability program. There are no special classes or specially designated academic services for students with learning disabilities at Ramapo College. Support services and accommodations are provided to eligible students with a variety of disabilities who request them after they are admitted to the college.

Q. I have a learning disability. What services/accommodations am I entitled to?

A. No student is automatically entitled to a standard list of accommodations based on a specific disability. Students may establish eligibility for accommodations to insure equal access. Eligibility for accommodations is determined for each student individually, based on the documentation provided by the student at the time of affiliation with OSS. Documentation must support all approved accommodations.

Q. Are there fees for accommodations, counseling or academic support services such as tutoring?

A. No, there is no fee for counseling or academic support services. These services are funded through a U.S. Department of Education TRIO Student Support Services grant. Accommodations are required by law and are the responsibility of the college.

Q. What if I need a tutor?

A. Funded through a U. S. Department of Education TRIO Student Support Services grant, OSS offers peer tutoring for various subjects to matriculated students only, based on availability of tutors and grant funding. Tutoring in all subjects is not guaranteed. Professional tutoring, either one-on-one or in a small group, is available in writing.

Students may also avail themselves of peer tutors in the areas of math and English through the Center for Academic Success, which employs a compliment of tutors available to all Ramapo students.

Q. As a student with a physical disability, am I given priority for housing if I need an accessible room?

A. Housing is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to assure a placement in housing, an application must be submitted to the Office of Residence Life as soon as possible, along with the appropriate deposit. A student who has been accepted for housing and needs accessible housing must affiliate with OSS. The OSS Independent Living Counselor will work with the student to determine which type of housing will be necessary and appropriate.

Q. What if I plan to live on campus and need assistance with personal care. Does Ramapo College provide this service?

A. Personal care assistance (PCA) is not a service Ramapo College provides. All costs for personal care are the responsibility of the student. Any student who plans to live on campus and needs PCA can contact the OSS Independent Living Counselor for assistance in securing appropriate care. As it may take some time to acquire funding and obtain PCA, it is recommended that the student start the process as soon as s/he accepts the college’s offer of admission.

Q. I feel that I will be unable to fulfill the college’s math requirement. Can I get a waiver?

A. Ramapo College adheres to General Educational requirements including the completion of a college level course in mathematics which all students are expected to fulfill. Students affiliated with OSS should insure that they avail themselves of all approved accommodations as well as academic supports when enrolled in the required mathematics course(s).

Q. I’m not sure, but I think I may have a learning disability. Do you do LD testing?

A. OSS does not conduct LD testing. However, the OSS Learning Specialist can conduct a screening for current Ramapo College students to determine if there is any evidence of a learning disability, and refer the student to community resources for further testing. The student is responsible for the cost of any recommended learning disability assessment.

Q. Will my transcript indicate affiliation with OSS and my use of accommodations?

A. No. Affiliation with OSS is confidential and not part of a student’s official academic record.

Q. My documentation of a disability has been lost or is missing. Would a letter from a disability service provider be sufficient to document eligibility?

A. No. Comprehensive documentation of a disability in accordance with established guidelines must be presented to establish eligibility and the need for appropriate accommodations for equal access.