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Housing Accommodations

Housing Accommodations

Ramapo College has demonstrated its strong commitment to providing equal access to all students since the College’s inception in 1969. This commitment extends to all areas of the campus and college experiences including housing. The College’s goal is the total integration of qualified students with disabilities into the college community. For a comprehensive description on how to request a housing accommodation please refer to the Office of Specializes Services (OSS) Housing Accommodation Request Policy.

Housing Accommodations: How To Request

#1 - Register with the Office of Specialized Services

All students requesting a housing accommodation based on a disability must first register for affiliation with the Office of Specialized Services (OSS). Check out our webpage “How To Request OSS Services” for more information.

Students must initiate contact with OSS in order to receive services or to arrange appropriate accommodations and/or academic adjustments. Comprehensive documentation of a disability from a licensed physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or certified learning disabilities specialist must be submitted in order to establish eligibility and to determine which accommodations and/or adjustments are appropriate for each student.

Note: Students requesting only a strobe alarm, roll-in shower, wheelchair/mobility accessible residence hall, or 1st floor do not need to complete the Housing Accommodation Student or Provider Request Forms, as below. Students only need to complete a request for disability support form.

#2 - Complete the Required Housing Accommodation Forms

In addition to completing the Application for Affiliation with the Office of Specialized Services, students must complete the required housing accommodations forms found below. Please return the forms to the location noted on the form as soon as possible.

#3 - Abide by Deadlines & Policies set forth by Residence Life

Housing Accommodations are managed through a partnership with the Office of Specialized Services and Residence Life.

Residence Life Policies

Housing application forms and deposit deadlines requested by Residence Life must be submitted in accordance with the policies set by that office. Students requesting a housing accommodation are subject to the same limitations in regard to placement (i.e. credit stipulation for roommate/suitemates) as any other continuing student. Because housing selection options are limited, meeting deadlines set by Residence Life is imperative.

Residence Life Deadlines

While a housing accommodation request can be submitted at any time, meeting the deadlines listed below will significantly increase the ability of Residence Life to arrange for an accommodation that has been approved through the OSS Housing Accommodation Request process. Not meeting a deadline reduces the ability of Residence Life to meet an accommodation request, it also reduces their ability to meet a student’s preference for the residence hall, special living options, and roommates/suitemates. For a student’s housing accommodation to be considered timely the student must complete the OSS affiliation and request process by the following deadlines:

                                            FALL                Spring                      Summer
Continuing students:       March 1st       November 1st           April 1st
First-year students:         June 1st         November 1st
Transfer students:           June 1st         November 1st

Students who miss the deposit or accommodation request deadline will be placed on a list for placement over the summer or during the room change process. Placement is always based on availability. Attempts will still be made to meet the student’s accommodation needs, however, arrangements may not be able to be made until just before the start of the semester or may have to wait until the official room change process at the start of the semester. In some cases, a late request will result in Residence Life’s inability to meet an approved accommodation request for the semester in which it was originally requested.


Housing Accommodations: Required Forms

Request forms can be requested by contacting the main OSS office at 201-684-7514,, or in person in C – 205. You may also access the forms here, below:

Housing Accommodations - Student Request Form

Housing Accommodations –  Student Housing Request Form – 2020

Housing Accommodations - Provider Documentation Form

Housing Accommodations – Housing Form – Provider


Housing Accommodations: Additional Policies

Emotional Support Animals

Please call our office at 201-684-7514 to discuss your interest in having an Emotional Support Animal on campus. Interested students will be scheduled to meet with the OSS Director to discuss further. Please refer to the Emotional Support Animal Policy for more information.

Dietary Restrictions & Allergies

Students supplying documentation requesting removal from the meal plan for disability-related reasons should anticipate living in a residence with a kitchen. Residence Halls with kitchens are limited. Please meet the deadlines outlined above to ensure your needs are met.

Students with dietary restrictions and/or allergies are strongly encouraged to speak with Dining Services to learn about all the food choices available to them. Dining Services prides itself on meeting the dietary needs of all Ramapo students.

Physical Accessibility

Accessible units are available in each of the residential areas on campus. Students approved for this type of housing accommodation may be assisted by the OSS Independent Living Counselor who will guide them in determining which of the available housing options will best meet their needs.


Housing Accommodations: Review Process, Denials & Appeals

Review Process

Requests for disability-related housing accommodations are typically reviewed by a committee consisting of members of the Ramapo community. Committee members include a representative from OSS, Residence Life, Health Services and Counseling Services. Housing accommodations are provided based on availability. Students can expect a decision about their request within twenty one (21) business days of OSS receiving all requested documentation.

If the information provided does not contain sufficient information for OSS and/or the Housing Accommodation Request Committee to determine whether an accommodation is necessary, OSS will inform the individual in writing that more information is needed and may request to speak directly with the professional supplying that information.


OSS and/or the Housing Accommodation Request Committee may deny a requested accommodation if it is unreasonable or insufficiently documented. OSS together with the Housing Accommodation Request Committee shall determine if the requested accommodation is reasonable.

An accommodation may be deemed unreasonable if:
1) the student’s documented condition does not rise to the level of a disability;
2) documentation does not provide adequate evidence to support the request;
3) imposes an undue financial and or administrative burden on the college;
4) fundamentally alters college housing policy;
5) poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others or would cause substantial property damage to the property of others, including college property. Regarding a request for an emotional support animal, if applicable the College may also inquire as to the age, size/breed of an animal in order to determine the reasonableness of this accommodation.


If a request for a housing accommodation is found to be unsupported or unreasonable, OSS will contact the individual, in writing, within twenty one (21) business days and engage in an interactive process with the student to determine if there are alternative accommodations that might effectively meet the individual’s disability-related needs. If the student is unwilling to accept any alternative accommodation offered by the College or there are no alternative accommodations available, OSS will provide written notification to the student of the denial, the reasons for the denial, the right to appeal the decision, and the procedures for the appeals process. The notification shall be in writing and made within twenty one (21) business days of the notification from the student of his/her unwillingness to accept any of the alternative accommodations offered or the determination that there are no alternatives accommodations available. All appeals are reviewed by the ADA Compliance Officer.

Appeals must state a specific reason(s) for why the student believes the request should be reconsidered. The ADA Compliance Officer may consider records and information relevant to the students’s appeal, whether submitted by the student or obtained from any College office or staff person, including OSS and the Public Safety Office. A decision on appeals shall be issued by the ADA Compliance Officer in writing and shall be the final administrative action of the College.