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Alternative Testing Information for Faculty [Spring 2021]

About Alternative Testing

The Office of Specialized Services (OSS) is available to consult with faculty regarding guidance for accommodating exams for specific students in a remote environment; please contact the student’s OSS Counselor, or e-mail to connect with an Alternative Testing staff member.

Spring 2021 Update: Faculty should have received an electronic copy of their students’ accommodations. It includes the link for the Faculty Alternative Testing Agreement. Faculty may consult the student’s OSS counselor or Alternative Testing staff to discuss how they might accommodate alternative testing arrangements in a remote environment. For in-person courses, proctoring assistance will be available through the Alternative Testing staff at OSS or Laurel Testing Center. For in-person courses needing proctoring assistance, OSS students will submit an exam reservation through OSSOnline. Please refer to the Alternative Testing section of our website for more information. If you need guidance with alternative testing, please contact Alternative Testing staff at

Alternative Testing for Faculty: the Process

Step #1: OSS Student Requests Exam Accommodations for Your Course

Each semester, OSS students connect with their OSS Counselor to request the accommodations they are eligible for and would like to use, based on their understanding of the course requirements.

Step #2: Faculty Receive an E-mail from the Student's OSS Counselor

When a student requests these accommodations each semester, their OSS Counselor sends you an e-mail which details these accommodations.

Step #3: OSS Student Connects with Faculty to Discuss Accommodations

Every semester, OSS students sign a student testing agreement to make exam reservation at least 5 business days before (excluding weekends and holidays), and 10 business days before final exams. They are directed to contact you for every exam they need accommodations with you, and to follow your protocol during remote instruction.

Step #4: Faculty and Students May Contact OSS for Guidance on Alternative Testing Support

Faculty should contact the student’s OSS Counselor directly if they have questions about how to best accommodate an exam for a student with alternative testing accommodations. Faculty are also encouraged to reach out to the Instructional Design Center, who can provide guidance on how to create a modify exams in a remote environment.

Alternative Testing for Faculty: Resources 

Alternative Testing (Contact Info. & Hours of Operation)

Location: C-Wing, Room 205
Email: (the best way to reach us!)
201-684-7514 / TTY via NJ Relay: 711 (please leave a detailed message)

Laurel Testing Center
Location: Laurel Hall, First Floor


We want to help! For support or answers to your Alternative Testing questions, please contact us via We respond during business hours, and will get back to you right away! 



Location: C-Wing, Room 205
Email: (the best way to reach us!)
Phone: 201-684-7514 / TTY via NJ Relay: 711 (please leave a detailed message)