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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  I am struggling academically and would like to know if OSS can help me.

A:  OSS assists students who have a documented disability. If you’d like to request academic accommodations you need to affiliate with the office. You can contact for the affiliation forms.


Q:  How do I affiliate with the Office of Specialized Services?

A:  To affiliate with the Office of Specialized Services (OSS), students must have a documented disability. You can learn  how to request OSS services from our web page:


Q:  Is a note from my doctor sufficient documentation?

A:  No. If you are a student with any other type of disability than a learning disability, all documentation from a professional must be on our forms which can be found on our website.


Q:  What happens after I submit my paperwork?

A:  You will receive an email from OSS telling you that we are still waiting for your documentation or that your file is complete. After all paperwork is submitted to OSS, it generally takes 3 weeks for the evaluation of your file.  OSS will reach out to you to schedule your intake meeting with the Director or designee. During the intake meeting, the interviewer will go over your approved accommodations and assign you to an OSS counselor.


Q:  I had an IEP in High School.  Do I just submit that?

A:  No. An IEP is a high school document which is not considered sufficient for our purposes. Instead, if you have a learning disability, you would ask your high school for the psychoeducational evaluation score reports from the Woodcock-Johnson Tests or the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test.  


Q:  Do I have to complete the affiliation process every year?

A:  No. Once you are affiliated, you do not need to complete the process again.


Q: I am an incoming student who is required to take at least one placement test.  Will I be able to use accommodations (ie. extended time) for the placement tests?

A: You must begin the affiliation process and request accommodations for the placement test when you sign up for it.  Your request will be reviewed and determined prior to the test date.  


Q:  Does Ramapo have a foreign language requirement, and if so, is there any exemption? 

A:  Foreign language proficiency is only required for majors in SHGS (School of Humanities and Global Studies) and for International Business majors.  A fairly wide variety of courses is offered, including American Sign Language and Deaf Culture.   If you believe your disability precludes your completion of the requirement, speak to your OSS Counselor as early as possible to discuss your options.  Waiting too long to do so may delay your graduation date.


Q:  Is there an exemption available for my math requirement?

A:  Rather than a waiver, a fairly wide variety of courses is offered for quantitative reasoning, including Logic and Computer Science.  Speak to your OSS Counselor as early as possible in your Ramapo career to discuss these and other options.  Waiting too long to do so may delay your graduation date.


Q:  Does OSS inform my professors of my accommodations?

A:  Yes, once you inform your OSS Counselor that you intend to use them.  Requests for accommodations are made through the OSS office management system, OSSOnline ( Once the affiliation process is complete, you can log into the OSSOnline portal at the beginning of each semester to request that your accommodation notices be sent to your professors.


Q:  How do I make an appointment with my OSS Counselor?

A:  Appointments can be made through Connect, which is found on the Ramapo Intranet page.  You should be able to view your OSS Counselor by clicking on the Success Network and following the prompts to schedule an appointment.  If you do not see an assigned OSS Counselor in Connect, then you may email your assigned OSS Counselor directly and share a few dates and times of when you are available to meet.


Q:  Am I required to use my accommodations in all of my classes?

A:  No, you do not have to access all of your accommodations in all of your classes. You can determine which accommodations you need to use in each of your classes.


Q:  How do I request a specific housing accommodation or placement?

A:  In order to assist a student who has specific housing needs, the student must affiliate with OSS by providing documentation verifying the presence of a disability and the need for the requested accommodation. The request is then reviewed by the OSS staff and in most cases the Housing Accommodation Request Committee. Time is needed for this process to be completed. Please plan accordingly. Once approved, OSS will work with Residence Life on having the student appropriately placed.


Q:  How can I be placed in a residence hall that has a kitchen?

A:  All students requesting access to a kitchen must first meet with Dining Services to determine if their dietary needs can be met. If it is determined that Dining Services is unable to meet the student’s needs, the student should then affiliate with OSS and submit a formal request for a housing accommodation.


Q:  Can OSS help me be placed in a specific residence hall?

A:  Students are placed according to their approved accommodation, not their preference of residence hall.


Q:  Who should I get in contact with for assistive technology assistance?

A:  Students can e-mail the Assistive Technology Specialist at for any questions or concerns.


Q:  Where is the Assistive Technology Computer Lab and who is it for?

A:  The Assistive Technology Computer Lab is in Room C-211. The Assistive Technology Computer Lab is for all students who are affiliated with OSS. Students can print out course materials as well as have a quiet place to study and work on class assignments.


Q:  Do all OSS students have Early Registration?

A:  No. Early Registration would need to be supported as one of your approved accommodations.  This will be discussed and determined during your intake appointment.