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Because of its unique design and innovative programs, Ramapo College of NJ continues to attract many students with disabilities.

Academic Units

All academic buildings on campus, with the exception of the Berrie Center, are interconnected in a unique design that allows for easy passage from area to area. The Robert A. Scott Student Center, which houses the college bookstore, dining areas, and numerous meeting rooms, is connected to the academic buildings. Buildings A through E, H and the Student Center are two stories, Building G is four stories and the Anisfield School of Business is five stories with elevators available throughout. The Berrie Center for Performing and Visual Arts is wheelchair accessible, and features companion seating areas in the Sharp Theater.


Accessible units are available in each of the residential areas on campus. Any student requesting special accommodations will affiliate with the Office of Specialized Services (OSS) and establish eligibility for accommodations. Eligible students will be assisted by the OSS Independent Living Counselor and submit the appropriate forms and do so in determining which of the available housing options will best meet each student’s needs.

Housing forms must be submitted to Residence Life in accordance with the policies set by that office. Since availability of accessible housing is limited, meeting deadlines set by Residence Life is imperative. Special accommodations are provided on a first-come first-served basis and is not guaranteed.


Accessible parking for the main academic buildings is available in the Student Center parking lot and near all the housing areas. Additional accessible parking is available behind the G/H academic buildings, and in the main college parking area across from the Berrie Center.

Any student in need of accessible parking must have a state-authorized handicapped-parking placard or license plate. The college does not issue handicapped parking permits.