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Ramapo College has partnered with Rockland Community College (RCC) in Suffern, NY, Bergen Community College (BCC) in Paramus, NJ, County College of Morris (CCM) in Randolph, NJ, Passaic Community College (PCCC) in Passaic, NJ, and Hudson Community College (HCCC) in Jersey City, NJ to offer community college Nursing students certain advantages and accelerated formats to complete their BSN degree through an articulation agreement with each of the community college Nursing AAS programs. These agreements allow students to take additional credits at the articulated community colleges to accelerate their completion of the BSN degree through Ramapo College. All additional credits are to be taken before or during the RN -Nursing program at the Community College and completed before enrolling at Ramapo College. If all requirements are met, students can attain their BSN in less than 1 year!

Many of the articulation curriculum maps map out the AAS/RN/BSN journey over a 3-4 year period, with fulfilling all requirements as outlined in the articulation agreement. Contact Admissions at with any questions!

As you learn about the agreement and curriculum maps below, if you choose to participate and aim to complete all outlined coursework, ALL coursework must be completed before transferring and starting at Ramapo College. Once starting at Ramapo College, those RN students who have not completed the full articulation agreement and completion of credits may NOT take additional courses from their transferring institution or “opt in” to completing the agreement at that time. Standard transfer credit policies would then apply. 

BCC (Bergen Community College – Paramus, NJ)

Nursing – RN/BSN BCC to Ramapo – Articulated Program – Curriculum Map – Recommended Three Year Plan

RN BSN Articulated Program between Ramapo College and Bergen Community College- 2018

CCM (County College of Morris – Randolph, NJ)

CCM- RAMAPO – Nursing-RN-BSN-Curriculum Map – 2021

County College of Morris – RN to BSN 2018 AGREEMENT

RCC (Rockland Community College – Suffern, NY)

Rockland-Community-College-AGREEMENT RN-to-BSN-2019-Updated

RCC- RAMAPO – RN-BSN-2019-20 – Curriculum Map

PCCC (Passaic Community College – Passaic, NJ)

PCCC- RAMAPO – Nursing-RN-BSN-2021 – Curriculum Map

Passaic-County-Community-College- AGREEMENT -RN-to-BSN-2019

HCCC (Hudson Community College – Jersey City, NJ)

HCCC- RAMAPO – Nursing-RN-BSN-2019-20 – Curriculum Map

Hudson County Community College – RN to BSN 2019