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Welcome to the Ramapo Community!

All Volunteers and Ramapo Affiliates should be processed through the Department of Human Resources. Please complete Steps 1 and 2 and schedule an appointment with the Department of Human Resources at ext. 7065.  After your meeting with the Human Resources representative you will be able to proceed to Step 3.

Step 1 – Required Forms for Volunteer and Ramapo Affiliates

Print and return ALL signed forms to the Department of Human Resources (Room D-119B). The Human Resources Department will then place you into their Human Resources Banner System so you can access email (step 3).


Step 3 – Electronic Services, Parking and I.D. Cards

STOP! Please contact the Benefits Office at Ext. 7230 before completing STEP 3. 
Photo I.D. and Parking Access Card are available in C-102 upon authorization from the Benefits Office.


You Have Completed Steps 1-3
What’s Next?


Now that you have activated your e-mail, you can login to the Ramapo Self Service portal where you can access information for current employees including:

  • Intranet information
  • Web self-service for employees
  • E-mail
  • Campus announcements
  • Calendars
  • Online groups

My Ramapo User Guide

Access to Electronic Services (PDF)
provides information on all services you can access with your Ramapo user name.