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Ramapo Faculty, Staff and Mindful Fellows


Mindful Fellows Program for Ramapo College Faculty and Faculty of Outside College Institutions

Mindful Fellows Mindfulness at Ramapo College Ramapo College of New Jersey Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Participants of the Mindfulness at Ramapo College’s Mindful Fellows Program sharing in a Fellows Roundtable.

Information on the Mindful Fellows Program

The Mindful Fellows Program, offered through the Mindfulness at Ramapo College of New Jersey, is designed to offer faculty the opportunity to expand their understanding of mindfulness practice and pedagogy. It is equally open to faculty who have established personal practices, as well as those who are new to mindfulness. Faculty who participate in this program are able to use the pedagogy, scholarship and service accrued through this program for reappointmennt, tenure and promotion.

Outside institutions interested in having their faculty participate, please contact the Mindfulness at Ramapo College at for pricing.

Fellows and Contemplative Studies Information for FY20

Fellows will:

  1. Develop or deepen a personal mindfulness practice! Those who are accepted as Fellows participate in an 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course offered through the Mindfulness at Ramapo College in the Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer semesters. Tuition for Ramapo faculty is covered by the Mindfulness at Ramapo College. Outside institutions, please contact the Mindfulness at Ramapo College at for pricing. These courses are offered on several day and evening sessions, for details please visit
  2. Integrate mindfulness with pedagogy! A half-day workshop occurs on campus and explores ways of integrating contemplative pedagogy into courses. This workshop will be offered in the Spring in ASB 420 and is open to all faculty. Please email to sign up.
  3. Stipend Reimbursement for Contemplative Syllabus. In the spring semester, Fellows integrate mindful practices into their courses and submit a reflective report on the experience. Each fellow submits a syllabus showing integration of mindful pedagogy. Each syllabus can provide a template for other faculty who might wish to integrate mindful practices into their courses.
  4. Learn to Lead in the Classroom. For those Fellows who have completed the MBSR course, we offer a two-session training for leading meditations in a classroom setting. These sessions are designed to give professors basic tools to successfully implement mindful meditations in their classes. Sessions will include parameters of guided meditations and opportunities to practice leading with other training participants. Fellows take with them an understanding of how leading differs from practice, and the confidence to introduce mindful meditations into their curriculum.
  5. Fellows Tea Gathering. Offered in the spring and fall for new, current and interested Fellows. This gathering is a chance to connect, share and support one another on ways to incorporate contemplative pedagogy with their students.
  6. Fellow receive discounts! on the 9-Day Fundamentals course for those interested in learning to teach the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course and also for the half-day graduate retreats.
  7. Pre-Meditations. Fellows are welcome to offer a half hour pre-meditation lecture, discussing their area of mindful pedagogy, in ASB420 prior to a Mindfulness at Ramapo College weekly meditation, on Wednesday evenings at 5pm. Please email to schedule.

Contemplative Studies refers to:

  1. The scholarly interpretation of literature related to the theory and application of the many forms of mindful practice across history and cultures.
  2. Rigorous, evidence-based practice and research on the experience and outcomes associated with mindfulness.
  3. The values-based, interdisciplinary application of mindful wisdom to the promotion of the physical, social, psychological, economic, and environmental well l-being of the human community and the natural world.
“I provided Labyrinth to my students last Monday. It was wonderful! Students shared their awareness after the practice, and we talked about our life. 
 I would like to introduce more experimental and contemplative pedagogy to my classes! I want to educate life skills as well as knowledge and critical thinking!”
Mindful Fellow Seon Mi Kim School of Sciences and Human Service
Criteria and Application for the Mindful Fellows Program
  • For faculty who are highly motivated to learn and share contemplative pedagogy. (If you have a meditation practice, how have you integrated it into your teaching? If you hope to develop one, how do you see this influencing your teaching?)
  • Wish to develop or currently engaged in a contemplative practice. The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course, offered by the Mindfulness at Ramapo College each semester, is a part of the program. (   for details)
  • A heartfelt commitment to the college community as demonstrated by service activities.

We are seeking a wide, interdisciplinary distribution of faculty, noting that mindful pedagogy can be engaged appropriately across the disciplines. We hope that participants will develop an interest in studies or research on subjects with a contemplative emphasis.

Please submit application to by October 1, 2019 or email

Current Mindful Fellows

Maisha Amen
Amanda Beecher
Bonnie Blake
Sasha Bogdanowitsch
Carol Bowman
Alejandra Bozzolasco
Donna Cill
Gilad Cohen
Peter Dlugos
Kelly Dolak
Julie Fitzgerald
George Gonppu
Cristina Haedo
Mark Howenstein
Valeria Koutmina
Sue Larson
Ann Lepore
Seon Mi Kim
James Morley
Eva Ogens
Dolly Sacristan
Malauika Sandararajan
Stephanie Sarabia
Francesca Scafuto
Shredevi Shivarajan
Mary Starke
Paula Straile-Costa
Lori Talarico
Terra Vandergraw
Ashwani Vasishth

Meditations Available for Ramapo Staff, Students and for Faculty to bring into their classrooms

Any location on Ramapo Campus
Available by emailing

Personalized Mobile Meditations

The Mindfulness at Ramapo College is offering Mobile Meditations–a mindfulness meditation brought to you. Are you faculty interested in starting off a class with 5 minutes of strategies to improve focus and concentration, staff looking for stress-reduction techniques or students interested in organizing a group meditation sit, or something in between? We’ll help facilitate. Please send your requests to Peter Shalit at


student meditation

Professor John McTighe Leading His Students in Meditation

What Faculty, Staff and Students Have To Say About Mindfulness Programs

“I teach my students that the value of learning mindfulness and establishing a personal practice is twofold.  They will, of course, have developed a deeply useful skill that they can pass onto clients to help them deal with the many forms of adversity and distress they experience.  But they will also have given themselves the gift of a practice that facilitates their ability to be meaningfully present to clients and to manage effectively the mental, emotional and physical reactions that can come from doing this challenging work.” -John McTighe, Assistant Professor of Social Work at Ramapo College

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation in my Sociology of health and Medicine class. You discussion of a grounded and mindful experience was clear and compelling. The short albeit effective guided meditation provided students with some useful tools for practice.” Martha Ecker Professor of Sociology at Ramapo College.

“At our group meeting I asked everyone how they liked the introduction to mindfulness with meditation at the Mindfulness at Ramapo College… Joel was in the back row… he yelled, ‘loved it.’ ” -Sandra Suarez, Director Upward Bound Math Science student group

Mindfulness and meditation have helped me to not only explore my emotions but to come to terms with them as well as finding a greater sense of peace. The Mindfulness at Ramapo College and the Mindfulness club have been very useful with expanding upon this outlook as well as helping me find unique ways to get involved on campus and meet new, like-minded people within the Ramapo community.” -Jack, a Ramapo student

“I have conducted mindfulness sessions using some exercises from the MBSR class in both my undergraduate and MBA classes, and the response has been quite positive. I also have students write reflective assignments in all my classes.” -Sredevi Shivarajan, Ramapo faculty

“To hear and be reminded that my choice school has its own center for mindfulness, where meditation and its practices are thought of as treatment (for anxiety) is enlightening.”  – Instagram comment gplayshark
“I can’t thank the Mindfulness at Ramapo College enough for it’s continued support and commitment to providing a comfortable space & community that fosters mental healing and exploration. Meditation has proven to be an extremely beneficial tool in my life, and I’m not sure if I would have accessed it without the Mindfulness at Ramapo College.” – Paul Iannelli, Ramapo student


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