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Data Science Events

Jun 25

Virtual Data Science Information Session

June 25 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Virtual Tour

DATA 730 – Fieldwork Experience – MS in Data Science

A signature feature of the M.S. program is Fieldwork Experience projects. These projects focus on real-world problems brought to the program by industry sponsors. Students work closely with faculty and sponsors over one or more semesters. The model gives industry sponsors access to our students and our faculty to help create business value/insights, explore new ideas, and build new products – while also creating a pipeline for talented students to join them after graduation.

Project teams may be a single student and faculty member, multiple students led by a faculty member, or a team of students and faculty. Faculty will not solely mentor students – they will work collaboratively with them delivering real, measurable value to the sponsor’s project. Faculty from outside Data Science, Computer Science, and Mathematics are encouraged to participate.

Organizations interested in sponsoring fieldwork are encouraged to contact any of the personnel listed below. Sponsors will develop project ideas with the assistance of the RCNJ Projects Coordinator (a faculty member responsible for facilitating and managing the fieldwork experiences across the program) based on the sponsor’s business needs. Interested faculty who specialize in the appropriate areas will assess what skills students may need and how many students will be needed to work on the sponsor’s project. Once the basic project structure is agreed upon, students are notified that a Fieldwork Experience is available for the coming semester and may apply. The Projects Coordinator and faculty select students to participate, who must then confirm their participation by registering for DATA 730 (3 credits). Projects requiring more than one semester of work are welcome.

Benefits to project sponsors:

  • Access to experienced faculty to help address data driven questions.
  • Leverage talented students to explore new ideas and build new products.
  • Build a recruiting pipeline to attract highly-qualified Ramapo students to your organization.
  • Featured as a project sponsor on Ramapo College’s Data Science website and social media platforms.

RCNJ Data Science Contacts

Amanda Beecher
Associate Professor Mathematics
Phone: (201) 684-7159
Office: G128H

Scott Frees
Professor of Computer Science
Phone: (201) 684-7726
Office: G-315