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Fieldwork Experience

Fieldwork Experience are projects tailored for the students by our industry partners in collaboration with faculty.  It challenges a student to apply their knowledge to an authentic industry problem under the direction and mentorship of Ramapo College faculty.

CMPS/DATA/MATH 730 – Fieldwork Experience

This is a projects-based course, developed in conjunction with industry sponsors and faculty. Students work closely with faculty and sponsors over one or more semesters on a disciplinary project. The program merges aspects of a co-op or internship and faculty-mentored independent study or thesis. Students will be required to file progress reports with the faculty project mentor, along with a final presentation submitted to the project stakeholders and disciplinary convening group members.

Opportunities to enroll in this course are subject to the availability of projects sponsored by the College, industry or government representatives, or faculty. Availability will be announced prior to each semester, and students may enroll in the course to fulfill one of their electives. Enrollment will be granted at the discretion of participating faculty and the program director.