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Requirement to Declare A Major

Section Title:Academic
Policy Number:300-G
Policy Name:Requirement to Declare A Major
Approval Authority:Provost/VP for Teaching, Learning & Growth
Responsible Executive:Provost/VP for Teaching, Learning & Growth
Responsible Unit:Office of the Provost
Date Adopted:April 9, 2010
Date Revised:April 2022



All matriculated students must declare a major by the time they have earned 64 credits towards the graduation requirement.


Reason for Policy

To facilitate completion of a Ramapo degree within four years, to allow faculty, students and advisors to appropriately chart the student’s progression through a major and to increase the student’s awareness of the graduation requirements within each academic program.


To Whom Does the Policy Apply

All students who have earned 64 credits.


Related Documents

Online Major/Minor/Concentration – Declaration /Change Form:



Office of the Registrar: 201-684-7695




The following procedures apply to undergraduate students who are undeclared, have earned at least 48 but less than 64 credits towards the graduation requirement, and are enrolled for a subsequent term.

  • A student who has earned at least 48 credits towards the graduation requirement and is registered for additional credits will be notified by the Center for Student Success of the requirement to declare a major before they can register for more than 64 credits. The student will also be informed that they will have a registration hold placed on their account if they fail to comply.
  • If a student attempts to register for 64 or more credits and has not declared a major, a registration hold will prevent registration.
  • A student must submit  an online Major/Minor Declaration form to the Office of the Registrar. Upon receipt of the form, the Office of the Registrar will remove the hold  from the student’s account and the student will be eligible for registration.