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(TRiO) Tutoring

(TRiO) Tutoring

Tutoring is available only to matriculated OSS students who are currently in the TRIO Student Support Services project. It is not guaranteed and contingent upon the availability of tutors and funding. Please remember that tutoring is not an accommodation and not a legally required service to students with disabilities.

When Do I Request A Peer Tutor?

If you require additional support after working with the professor and tutoring offered on campus or are repeating a previously failed course
If you have difficulty understanding the assignments
If you have difficulty getting started on papers or homework

How Do I Proceed?

Discuss tutoring with your OSS counselor and fully complete the Tutor Request Form
Continue to attend class, participate, complete assignments and use other college resources for assistance.
Discuss your idea for using a tutor with your professor; if possible get names of recommended students.
Request a tutor between the 2nd and 6th week of the course or in the first week of a summer course.

To Get the Most Out Of Peer Tutoring:

Allow for 1 hour of tutoring per week in your schedule.
Explain your tutoring needs to the tutor at your first meeting and bring all your study materials – notes, textbook, syllabus.
Schedule and keep your weekly tutoring sessions. Use google calendar to keep track of your appointments.
Tutors are under the supervision of OSS. Discuss any problems with your counselor or the tutoring coordinator.