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Is the program offered in online or hybrid format?

Yes, most of the MSN courses are offered in online format; with some in hybrid format. For FNP and NA students, clinical hours and coursework is in-seat and/or off-site in a hosptial setting.

Is the program offered in cohort format?

Yes, all 3 tracks are offered in a cohort format – Nursing Education and Nursing Administration -2 year, Family Nurse Practitioner – 3 year. You may choose to take courses in a flexible format at your own pace; this may dealy your time of completion.

How much does the program cost? Are their payment plans and employer reimbursement cooperation agreements?

Program cost information can be found here – We do have in-house payment plan options and cooperate with employer reimbursement programs. More information can be found here

How and where are the clinical hours assigned?

Working, 1 on 1, with the Asst. Dean of Nursing and Nursing Adviser, you will be placed in a hospital setting that maximizes your learning and potential to succeed.