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The Career Center Pathways Program helps students develop a rich understanding of the career development process using resources and tools to embrace future possibilities.  Within each school there exists many paths and opportunities. Through self awareness, exploration, and experiential learning the Career Center can work with you as you venture into life beyond Ramapo College.

Anisfield School of Business (Degree Requirement)

The ASB Career Pathways Program aims to guide students in an organized, professional way to begin their career planning process. This program prepares students to find internships and full-time opportunities in various industries by providing guidance in networking, self-marketing, and career research skills.

School of Contemporary Arts

The CA Pathways program focuses on three main areas: 1) enhancement of the cooperative education experience; 2) guided self-reflection by students; and 3) an increase in career-related presentations. Approximately 80% of CA students are required to complete an academic internship (Co-op) for graduation. Participation in the Co-op program requires students to complete a resume and develop effective interviewing skills. During required academic advisement sessions, faculty will help students reflect on their college experiences and cooperative education experience relative to future goals. CA Pathways will increase the scope and breadth of guest speakers for all areas of Contemporary Arts, giving students the opportunity to learn and network with professionals in their desired career fields.  

School of Social Science and Human Services (Degree Requirement)

The SSHS Pathways Program is designed to guide and support undergraduate students within the School of Social Science and Human Services with their post-graduation plans, while still in school.

School of Humanities and Global Studies

The HGS Pathways program guides and supports undergraduates within the School of Humanities and Global Studies with their post-Ramapo plans. We work with students on developing their individualized next steps after graduation and providing the necessary resources for the journey. Whether it’s taking a service opportunity or a gap/transitional year to explore a passion, beginning a career or attending graduate/professional school, the Pathways Program is here to support HGS students through the process

School of Theoretical and Applied Science (Degree Requirement)

The TAS Career Pathways Program is designed to guide and support undergraduate students as they prepare for their post-Ramapo plans through career exploration, self-assessment, and professional development. The TAS Career Pathways Program will provide resources and prepare students to apply to graduate/professional school and/or enter the job market.