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CA Pathways Program

Getting Started

Students in the School of Contemporary Arts are required to complete the Pathways Program as part of their degree requirements.* The Program consists of three career skills courses that can help students be more successful in securing internships while in school and professional full-time employment upon graduation. All courses are zero credits and pass/fail.

It is recommended students move through the courses sequentially, as the activities are designed to build upon one another.

Career Pathways Module 1 for Contemporary Arts: Career Assessment – Students to consider how their interests, personality, and strengths align with various career options. This course allows students to identify career readiness and requires completion of an online Career Assessment, attendance of a Focus 2 Review session and the completion of a Career Map/Post Graduation Plan.

Career Pathways Module 2 for Contemporary Arts: Resume and Cover Letter Development – Students identify activities, skills, and experiences in order to develop a resume and cover letter to highlight skills and experiences relative to a desired position or post-graduation plans.

Career Pathways Module 3 for Contemporary Arts: Interview Practice Students prepare to articulate their career goals, educational background, skills, work interests, and values with industry professionals when interviewing for internship/job opportunities or graduate/professional schools.

*Applies to freshmen and transfer students first enrolled Fall 2020 or later.