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Parents and Families

Please join us in a partnership to help Ramapo students make the challenging transition from college to career. Encourage your student to visit our Center early and often during their time here. We welcome your career-related questions.  Feel free to call us at 201-684-7444 or email


How We Help

The Pathways Program

Ramapo College’s Pathways Program, thoughtfully designed in recognition of the varied and competitive career paths that liberal arts graduates pursue, builds upon the critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills that our students glean from the classroom. The nationally recognized Program provides students in each of the College’s five schools with the knowledge and tools to prepare for internships, graduate/professional school, and other experiential activities essential to post-graduation success.

Career Competencies

Our students are equipped for their varied and competitive career paths. Through classroom and experiential learning, they acquire foundational skills sought by employers:

  • Problem-solving – using an interdisciplinary approach, critical thinking, and sound reasoning
  • Analytical/Quantitative – collecting and interpreting data to make decisions
  • Teamwork – working toward common goals in a collaborative, complementary manner
  • Written Communication – exchanging ideas, facts, and perspectives for understanding or to influence
  • Initiative – leading by innovation and taking action when necessary

Professional Development and Networking

The Career Center provides services, programs, and opportunities that allow students to explore how their academic and personal interests related to future professional opportunities; prepare for entrance into employment, internships, and graduate school programs; and succeed through on- and off-campus interview opportunities, employer information sessions, and job and graduate school fairs.


How You Can Help Your Student

Career Development 4-Year Plan

Encourage your Student to:

  • Visit the Career Center 
    Students who use the services we offer are more successful in obtaining internships and job offers. These services include internship/job search, mock interviews, and networking (NACE, 2023).
  • Complete the Pathways Requirement
    We strongly advise students to complete the Pathways requirement by the end of their sophomore year to gain valuable experience through multiple internships beginning as early as the summer after their second year. Increasingly, employers seek graduates with 1-3 years of experience for entry-level positions.
  • Become Involved in Student Organizations
    Involvement in student and community organizations equips students with foundational skills sought by employers: problem-solving, leadership, critical thinking, teamwork, and professionalism.

Emphasize the Importance of:

  • Internships or Research Experiences
    Internships and research experiences increase the likelihood of your student working in a field related to their degree. Students using the career center to find internships are more likely to get a paid internship, leading to post-graduation job offers (NACE 2023).
  • Networking
    Networking in college is essential to finding job opportunities and better understanding the connections between majors, careers, and interests. We help students expand their professional circles with alumni and prospective employers through networking events and mentoring opportunities.

Opportunities for Engagement

Career Education & Professional Development
Stay connected to students and build your company’s brand on-campus through your involvement in career development activities including mock interviews, workshops, and club presentations.

Information Sessions, Information Tables & On-Campus Interviews
Meet with students to share information about your organization’s employment opportunities, culture, products, or services. Increase your organization’s visibility on campus, and recruit top talent for full and part-time job opportunities.

Engage our large, diverse student population via targeted industry-specific networking events, major-based career fairs, or our campus-wide, spring career fair. If you are interested in posting a position for your organization, review our policies and visit Handshake to create a free account as an employer. Questions? Email or call 201-684-7444.


Engage. Educate. Empower.