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RCNJ First Destination Survey

First Destination Outcomes

August 2022 Post-graduation Outcomes Info graphic

August 2022 Post-graduation Outcomes (pdf)

About the First Destination Survey

What is the First Destination Survey?

The First Destination Survey (FDS) is a nationwide survey developed and managed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). The goal of the survey is to gather and measure data on students’ post-graduation outcomes within six months of graduation. Students take the survey through Handshake. 

How does Ramapo benefit from the Survey?

For students who have committed to a post-graduation outcome (accepted into graduate school, offered employment, committed to volunteer or military service, etc.), the Survey allows Ramapo to highlight and celebrate that success. For students who are still searching for what’s next, the Survey serves as a useful tool for advisement and further support. 

How is NACE involved in the Survey?

NACE is responsible for developing and distributing standards and practices for higher education institutions to consider when conducting the Survey. They also maintain a clearinghouse for national trends and other data related to the Survey. 

What does Ramapo need to do for the Survey?

The Cahill Career Development Center is responsible for the administration of the Survey to all graduating Ramapo students. The Cahill team manages survey promotion, data collection and analysis, and reporting. 

Graduating Ramapo students are asked to complete the Survey to the best of their ability prior to their graduation, even if they haven’t finalized their post-graduation plans yet. Survey responses can be updated while the survey is open, and the Cahill Center can provide additional support as needed. 

Ramapo faculty and staff collaborate with the Cahill Center team in promoting the Survey and ensuring that graduating students are familiar with the Survey and how to complete it. Other departments may collaborate with additional promotional or analytical aspects of the Survey administration. 

How is the Survey promoted to the Ramapo community? 

Graduating Ramapo students can expect to receive an email from Handshake a few weeks prior to their graduation date. Additional follow-up emails will be sent to students’ Ramapo email addresses. Additional outreach will be done by the Cahill Center team in collaboration with other campus partners in person (tabling, classroom visits, etc.) and through a social media campaign.

Any additional outreach provided by Ramapo campus partners is greatly appreciated. Please contact the Cahill Center for more information on how to help! 

Can students complete the Survey if they don’t have a job yet?

Absolutely! Students should complete the Survey even if they haven’t yet finalized their post-graduation plans. The Cahill Center’s services remain available to recent graduates still searching for their ideal post-graduation outcome.