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Roadrunner Collegiate Recovery Program

Roadrunner Collegiate Recovery Program

The Mission of Ramapo College is dedicated to providing students a strong foundation for a lifetime of achievement.  The College is committed to academic excellence through interdisciplinary and experiential learning, and international and intercultural understanding. Ramapo College emphasizes teaching and individual attention to all students. We promote diversity, inclusiveness, sustainability, student engagement, and community involvement.

Incorporating the Roadrunner Collegiate Recovery Program into our campus is a great fit as it falls nicely into Ramapo College’s Value Statements:

  • Teaching, learning, and mentoring–we are actively engaged in and out of the classroom.
  • Developing the whole person–we are scholars, we are creators, we are local and global citizens, and we are individuals.
  • Respecting each other and our environment–we are an open, inclusive, supportive, and sustainable community.

If you are in recovery from a Substance Use Disorder(s), for a minimum of six (6) continuous months, are looking for a supportive community of like-minded students who have chosen to live a substance-free lifestyle, please join us and learn more about the newly created Roadrunner Collegiate Recovery Program.

Recovery Program Letter to Students

Recovery Program – Letter to Students

Allies and Mentors of Recovery

A core component of the RCRP is the Ally/Mentor Program. Recruitment for Allies/Mentors is currently underway. Allies are students, faculty, staff or alumni who have never used substances but are understanding of the related stigma, willing to fight the stigma and support our students in recovery.  Allies may also be students who are using substance, not ready for change but contemplating both treatment and recovery. Mentors will have two or more years of uninterrupted recovery, be willing to share ideas, tools, time, and support for moving forward through recovery.

Together, Allies and Mentors will work together to address and fight the stigma society has linked to substance use and mental health disorders. Through words, actions, and advocacy Allies and Mentors of RCRP will put the person, not the disorder, first.

Application and Training for The Recovery Allies & Mentor Program

In order to register for a “Person First” Spoken Here – Recovery Ally Training, please complete the form below and either: scan and e-mail it to OR bring it to D-216 to give to Cory Rosenkranz. If you have any questions, please contact Cory Rosenkranz at or 201-684-7019.

Allies and Mentors Application

Program Information and Application

The Roadrunner Collegiate Recovery Program will be a supportive environment that will reinforce each student’s decision to develop a lifestyle of recovery from substance use disorders. It is designed to value and reinforce the personal dignity and worth of each student and to provide educational opportunities alongside recovery support to assure that our students do not have to sacrifice one for the other.

Apply to RCRP

If you are in recovery from a Substance Use Disorder(s), for a minimum of six (6) continuous months, are looking for a supportive community of like-minded students who have chosen to live a substance-free lifestyle, please feel free to apply using the following instructions:

  1. Download and complete the Roadrunner Collegiate Recovery Program Application.
  2. Mail or e-mail your completed application to
    Cory Rosenkranz (
    Address: 505 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahwah, NJ 07430
  3. Select the two individuals to fill out the Letter of Recommendation form by the date that your application is  due.This form can be found at the end of the application. They must also mail or email their letter to Cory  Rosenkranz. 
  4. Contact RCNJ Residence Life if you have any questions regarding the university housing application process at 201-684-7466 or 201-684-7119.

Admissions Process

  • Review of applications; admissions and continued admission in the Roadrunner Collegiate Recovery Program and/or Recovery Housing are at the discretion of the RCRP Coordinator.
  • We will not discriminate based on race, color, sex, religion, age, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran’s status or the presence of any physical, sensory or mental disability.
  • We will be basing admittance and continued involvement decisions on your ability to succeed and contribute to the RCRP and/or recovery housing.
  • We encourage diversity and inclusion among our students.


  • The Roadrunner Collegiate Recovery Program (RCRP) and recovery housing serve students in recovery or seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.
  • The RCRP enables students to have an authentic college experience while maintaining their recovery.

What We Can Do

  • Provide a supportive peer group for students in recovery
  • Connect students with resources on and off campus
  • Provide opportunities for personal growth and development
  • Support the unique challenges and struggles that students in recovery experience
  • Provide meeting space for mutual support group meetings
  • Help students remain on track with their individual Recovery Plans
  • Challenge students to experience new activities
  • Build school spirit via recovery friendly activities
  • Connect students with service work opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for Leadership and Professional development
  • Support students in their post-graduation plans
  • Help students find supportive housing
  • Support students who are utilizing medication assisted treatment

What We Don’t Do

  • Provide individual or family counseling services (we can refer you to other campus and community resources)
  • Provide treatment of any kind
  • Accept students mandated to complete a substance misuse program
  • Drug and alcohol assessments

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Recovery Housing

Ramapo College is proud to offer on-campus housing dedicated to students in recovery from alcohol and/or drug dependence. Ramapo Recovery Housing offers students the opportunity to have a fulfilling residential experience living within a supportive community with other students in recovery. There are no signs identifying the Recovery Housing in order to protect the anonymity and privacy of students who live there.

Once a student has been accepted to Ramapo College their next step is to apply for and interview with the Coordinator of Substance Use and Recovery Programs, Cory Rosenkranz ( Once accepted into the Roadrunner Collegiate Recovery Program, the student has the option to apply for Recovery Housing. If interested, please e-mail to initiate the housing application process.