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How to Audit a Course

Being a graduate of Ramapo College comes with benefits.  One of the best is the opportunity to audit up to three courses per year tuition free.  You can take one in the fall, one in the spring and one during the summer session.  It is easy to get started and continue your path of lifelong learning at Ramapo.  The process is likely a little different from what you remember so just follow the steps below:

*It is recommended that you read the steps completely first.  Then follow each item.  Email with any questions.

**Ramapo College Alumni do not have to join the Friends of Ramapo to receive this benefit.

***Ramapo College undergraduate alumni who are currently enrolled in a graduate program at Ramapo College may not audit undergraduate courses simultaneously with their graduate level coursework.

****Auditing Courses is an alumni privilege and this privilege may be revoked permanently for any violation of College policies or procedures.

Spring 2024 Registration will begin to be updated on this website in December. Check back for more information or email with any questions.


1.  Audit Registration for the Fall 2023 session will be held remotely/on-line.

Fall Semester – Course Audit Registration – Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Please Note this important information: All registrations will take place On-line/Remotely.  Your completed registration form needs to be submitted in advance.  The actual registration will take place on the date(s) listed above.  Please submit your forms by Thursday, August 30 so they may be processed in advance.

Please note that there is a new Financial Responsibility Agreement on Web Self Service that anyone taking classes is required to sign before registration occurs. 

As long as the course you requested is open and you’ve completed the Financial Responsibility Agreement, no further action on the registration date is required.  You will receive an email confirming your enrollment in the class sometime on September 6, likely closer to the end of the workday.  Please be advised that your bill may not instantly reflect your Alumni tuition waiver.  Please review it again a few days after receiving your confirmation email.


2. Review Available Courses 

As indicated above our courses may be delivered in various modes.

There are available courses each semester for alumni of Ramapo to audit.  Click the “Course Availability” button below to get started and see what courses are available in real time.  Follow the bullets below to navigate the system.

  • Select the upcoming semester term under “Search by Term” and click “Submit”
  • Choose at least one subject area of interest
  • Click the “Class Search” button
  • Click the course title you are interested in
  • Check how many seats are remaining under “Registration Availability”
    • There must be at least ONE (1) seat available to register for this course.
    • No waivers will be accepted for capacity overrides.

Course Availability

You may also view the available courses in an Excel spreadsheet format.  Use the link below to view the sheet.  The sheet will be VERY large and it may be easier to search for classes using the link above.   We will update the sheet periodically as we get closer to August 30 but please note that courses are subject to closure.  Also please note…Column I will show you the maximum number of seats in the class.  Column J will show you the number of seats taken as of the date of the sheet.  Column K will show the space availability as of the date this sheet is posted. Column L will show any applicable fee(s) for the course, such as lab fees, equipment fees, etc.

Available Fall Courses in Excel


3. Identify several courses you may be interested in taking in case your first choice(s) is not available.

There is a course description for every class offered.

  • If you would like to know more about the class before registering, please contact the professor directly via email. They can tell you about content and how the class is run—lecture, small groups, etc.
  • Once you are registered for a class you may drop it but there is no opportunity to select another and no refunds. Please choose carefully.

4. Ask for and obtain a waiver from the professor for any pre-requisites prior to registration (if applicable.)

  • Please contact the professor directly by email or phone to request a waiver for pre-requisites.  If appropriate, the professor can immediately note the waiver on your record via computer and confirm it was handled in their email reply to you.
  • Email the reply from the professor to

5.  Submit your Pre-registration Form and Complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement

We kindly ask that you submit your completed form in either format no later than Thursday, August 30.  This will allow us time to process it and get it ready for your registration to take place on Wednesday, September 6.  After receiving and processing your forms, we will register you for the course between 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. in the order the forms have been received.


6.  Read your confirmation message when you receive it from the Office of the Registrar and (if applicable) follow the steps to activate your Ramapo email account. The Department of Information Technology Services has recently upgraded security on email accounts.  If you are experiencing difficulty logging into your Ramapo email please click the following link:


7. It is highly recommended that you email the instructor of the course you plan to register for before the beginning of the semester and introduce yourself as an audit student.  You may wish to remind them that registration for alumni is after the official start of the Fall semester but that you plan to join the class as soon as possible.  You may also ask the instructor to share their expectations for audit students that join their class.


8.  Update your Emergency Contact Information

Please make sure your emergency contact information is up to date in Web Self Service. If you have not yet completed this, please follow the steps below:

Viewing your Emergency Contact Information

  • Click Here
  • Log into Web Self-Service
  • Click on the Personal Information link located on the Personal Information Tab
  • Click View Emergency Contacts
  • Review the Emergency Contact Information display

*Please note that courses may close during the day of registration.  It is important to identify several course options. 

**Ramapo College undergraduate alumni who are currently enrolled in a graduate program at Ramapo College may not audit undergraduate courses simultaneously with their graduate level coursework.

***Auditing Courses is an alumni privilege and this privilege may be revoked permanently for any violation of College policies or procedures.