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Financial Speakers Series

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our 2022 Financial Speaker Series.

More dates to be announced soon.


“Taking the Myth Out of Becoming Debt Free”

Presented by Anthony Siciliano ’10

In this 45 minute information session, Anthony shares some debt elimination and budgeting concepts that everyone can be utilizing to help turn their wasted money into wealth.


“The Two Economic Powers of Retirement Income Planning”

Presented by Joseph Vanacore III ’17 and Michael DeVizio ’12

In this interactive 45-minute presentation, Joseph and Michael discuss the two powerful retirement income strategies that tackle the safe withdrawal rate in retirement distribution.  The software proves with math and actuarial science the right places individuals should allocate their savings now to set themselves up for the most efficient distribution strategy in the future.


“Protect Your Identity” 

Presented by Jackir Ahmed ’10 – Vice President and Branch Manager at TD Bank

In this interactive 30 minute presentation, Jackir discusses Identity Protection including strategies to avoid common methods of identity theft and scams as well as plans for monitoring, protecting and managing your financial identity and he took questions from the audience.


“Your Financial IQ and What to Do”  

Presented by Alexia Lewis ’19 and Elena Payton ’13 – Financial Services Professionals at Mass Mutual New Jersey-NYC. 

In this interactive presentation, Elena and Alexia discuss setting your financial goals and determining your Financial IQ.  They cover the process of achieving financial well-being by setting goals for your income, savings, retirement and debt reduction and took questions from the audience.


“It’s Tax Season…Let Us Help You”

Presented by Steven Budryk ’18. M.S. ’19 – Accountant at Traphagen CPAs & Wealth Advisors. 

In this interactive presentation, Steven discusses recent tax law changes, tips, as well as planning opportunities on both an individual and business level. He also discussed Paycheck Protection Program loans, individual stimulus payments, future law proposals and took questions from the audience.


For more information or questions about the program please contact Peter Rice at or by phone at (201) 684-7144.