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Accuplacer Remote Proctoring Information

In alignment with campus and state COVID-19 policies, Ramapo College is now offering remote placement testing for our Accuplacer Math, Calculus and Reading/Essay tests via Zoom. Please review the below information to ensure that your home technology is compatible with the Zoom system. If you do not have the necessary technology to test remotely, please email us at

*Please note, while we are doing remote testing all test fees will be added to the student’s fall tuition. Please do not mail cash or a check. We will add the fee to the student’s account. Thank you*

Please follow these steps before registering for your remote testing session:

  1. Review our remote proctoring FAQs on this page.
  2. Download and install Zoom Client for Meetings
  3. Test that Zoom was setup correctly. Please use the option to join with video.
  4. Check that your computer can run Accuplacer.
    • The day of your remote testing session, your proctor will need to see that your computer “passes” all of the Accuplacer system requirements. Please make sure to have tested this in advance. If you fail to pass the system requirements, we will be unable to test you.
  5. Sign up for a remote testing session.
    • You will receive an email to your provided email address with a link to your Zoom session within 1 business day of registering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zoom? Is this a secure way to test?

Zoom is an online system that creates video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing experiences. More information about the Zoom platform can be found here.

Ramapo College takes test security very seriously and Zoom is an approved vendor for remote proctoring by the CollegeBoard and Accuplacer. Information about Zoom’s privacy and security policies can be found here.

Please note, all tests require that the identification of the student taking the test must be verified by the use of a picture ID issued by a state or federal agency.  We will check your photo ID at the beginning of your test. Testing may be recorded for security purposes and will only be viewed by Ramapo College Testing Center staff.

I did not submit SAT or ACT scores to Ramapo College. Am I required to test?

Since Ramapo College has gone test optional many students are choosing to not submit SAT or ACT scores and instead must take our placement tests. If you did not submit SAT or ACT scores you are required to test for Accuplacer Math and Accuplacer Reading/Essay. Accuplacer Calculus is only required if you are pursuing a major that requires Calculus.

If you are majoring within the school of Theoretical and Applied Science (ex: Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computer Science, or Engineering Physics) you are REQUIRED to take the Calculus Placement test. Even if you are exempt from the Math Placement Test, you still need to take the Calculus Placement. The only way to be exempt from the Calculus Placement Test is if you have college level credit for Pre-Calc or Calculus already.

Calculus Placement is NOT required for Nursing majors, psychology majors, or business majors.

When is remote placement testing offered?

The Accuplacer placement testing for Math, Calculus, and Reading/Essay is available weekly. When you go to our sign up form you will see our available test days and times. All appointments must be made at least 2 business days in advance.

What are the technology requirements for Zoom & Accuplacer?

Zoom has a comprehensive list of requirements and supported operating systems which can be found here.

Please additionally check that your computer can run Accuplacer. If you “fail” any of the system checks please make sure to remedy them before your test session. Please ensure that you have the proper technology requirements before making your appointment.

Can I have a calculator with me?

No calculators are permitted for the test and no other outside materials are allowed. An online calculator will be available during the Math & Calculus exam on the Accuplacer testing page on questions that the test permits use.

Can I use scrap paper?

Scrap paper is permitted during your test. The proctor will ask to see your scrap paper in advance of the test, at the conclusion of the test, and will need to see you tear up the scrap paper and dispose of it before signing off.

How long is this exam?

The Math and Calculus Placement Tests are not timed. However, we have found that students typically spend 1 ½ hours on the test.

Sections of the Reading/Essay test are timed. The Reading portion is at your own pace. You will have a total of 40 minutes for the Essay portion. We have found that students typically take 1 ½ hours for the Reading/Essay Placement Test.

If you are taking both tests together (which is a common practice for incoming first year students) please plan to dedicate about 3 hours total to your placement testing. If you are using a laptop for your test, please ensure you have it connected to a power source so that your battery stays charged for the duration of the test.

What is the cost of the Accuplacer Placement Tests?

  • First time testers: $40.00 (non-refundable) will be charged to your Ramapo bill for the fall 2021 semester.
  • Re-test: $10.00 (non-refundable) will be charged to your Ramapo bill for the fall 2021 semester.

When do I receive my scores?

Your ISR (Individual Score Report) will be emailed to your Ramapo email address at the conclusion of your test. Math and Calculus will be scored immediately. The Reading/Essay test is often scored immediately but some scores will be placed under further review. Ramapo College has found that students scoring within certain ranges of the Reading/Essay test are best reviewed by a Critical Reading and Writing faculty member for more accurate placement. In this scenario, you would receive your new placement within 1 week of testing.

What happens if I do not pass the test?

Everyone passes the test. Students who place into developmental courses based upon the results of the placement test should plan to register for and complete these courses before or during their first semester of enrollment at Ramapo College.

Am I eligible to re-test?

Test scores that fall within the following ranges are eligible for the Math/Calculus re-test option: Advanced Algebra and Functions 275-280 (Calculus) or 250-260 (Pre-Calculus).

On the Reading/Essay Placement Test, the range for re-test is an essay score of 1-6. If your essay score falls within this range, you are eligible to re-test.

Please note, re-testing will always be the combination of the Reading and Essay portion of the test. The test automatically starts with the Essay submission and then moves on to the Reading portion. We cannot separate sections and only re-test one piece of the test.

How could I receive accommodations for the Accuplacer?

  • All accommodations (i.e., extended time) must be approved through the Office of Specialized Services.
  • If you were affiliated in High School and wish to be affiliated at Ramapo, please contact the Office of Specialized Services (OSS) located in C-205. You can email them at or call at (201) 684-7514. You can also view affiliation information on the OSS website: