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TEAS: Test of Essential Academic Skills

What is the ATI TEAS Test?

The ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is designed to assess a student’s preparedness entering the health science fields. The TEAS is often part of your the admissions requirements for nursing or allied health schools. Studies show a link between a student’s performance on the TEAS and academic success in these fields.

If you are a Ramapo College Nursing Student please refer to the following page in order to sign up to take the ATI TEAS Test.

Ramapo College Nursing Students

General Helpful Information

  1. The ATI TEAS exam is designed to assess a student’s preparedness to enter a nursing program. There are 170 test items designed to test basic academic skills in the areas of reading, math, science, and English and language usage. Scrap paper is provided.
  2. Students will have the option to re-take the TEAS exam if they wish. The re-take date must not be within 30 days of the prior attempt. You can re-test up to 3 times per year.
  3. ATI does not offer refunds of the TEAS exam.
  4. Please create an ATI account on the website. Please select your institution. Your scores will be sent there upon completion of the TEAS.
  5. Students will need to bring a valid state or government issued photo ID (ex: Current College student ID, valid driver’s license or passport) plus their ATI username and password to the exam in order to test.
  6. TEAS scores will be available to students immediately following the exam. The score will also be available online through your ATI account.
  7. It is highly recommended that students review the TEAS study guide. TEAS study resources are available for purchase through ATI’s online store under TEAS. For more preparation, click this link:
  8. If you don’t score as well as you’d like, the ATI TEAS Focused Review is available through your account. The Focused Review will highlight areas for improvement and provide feedback to increase scores for future attempts.
  9. Non-Ramapo/Prospective Students: The cost for the ATI TEAS exam is $65.00 (credit/debit card only) for the testing unit and $60.00 (cash or credit) for the administration fee due upon arrival to the Ramapo College Testing Center. You do not purchase exam on ATI website in advance. 
  10. TEAS Exam Sessions are timed in accordance with the ATI TEAS exam administration policy:
Subject Number of Questions Time Allotted
Reading 48 58 minutes
Mathematics 34 51 minutes
English and language usage 34 34 minutes
Science 54 66 minutes
Totals: 170 209 minutes


Please contact the Ramapo College Testing Center at with any additional questions.