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CLEP Registration Form

Important CLEP Testing Reminders:

  • CLEP Testing Fees: The fee for all CLEP tests will be charged to a credit card using the below form. All testing fees are non-refundable. If you need the option to pay by cash, please email prior to scheduling to discuss.
  • Photo Identification: All tests require that the identification of the student taking the test must be verified by the use of a picture ID issued by a state or federal agency. 
    • Acceptable forms of ID include:
      • Current driver’s license
      • State-approved photo ID
      • Current college ID
      • Current state or federal ID card
      • Current passport
      • Current high school ID
      • Naturalization card or certificate of citizenship
    • Students will not be able to test without a valid photo ID
  • Students will not be able to test without a mask. Your mask must be worn at all times within the Testing Center.


CLEP Test Appointment Request Form

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Student Information

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Test Information

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Please note: The maximum number of CLEP tests that can be taken in one session is two. If you take two in one session you will receive a $10 discount. If you would like to take two tests but on separate dates you will need to submit this form twice.
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