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Dec 03

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We are students in Professor Pat Keaton’s Global Communication Capstone Course.  For our project, we chose to create a campaign based on promoting sustainability and minimizing waste on Ramapo’s campus. Working closely with Ramapo Green and two of its participating organizations; 1-STEP and the Garden Club, we hope to raise awareness and educate the Ramapo community on proper recycling, composting and waste-reduction habits. Our campaign will work to not only promote our events but assist the organizations on campus that have been working tirelessly on related projects.

For our first event, we will be screening Plastic Planet on Wednesday, February 21st from 1-3pm in Friend’s Hall (SC-219). This documentary directed by Werner Boote provides an ​inside look at plastic and its effects not only on the planet but our health.

Along with the screening, we will have a panel discussion with members of the on-campus organization 1-STEP, who will present their Rethink Water Campaign, and Matthew Smith, the Senior Organizer for Food & Water Watch, who will present their National Take Back the Tap Campaign.
Come take part in this critical discussion.

Thank you,

Chris Bernstein, Paul Iannelli, Kristie Murru, Matt Stevens

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