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Department of Public Safety’s Message

On behalf of the members of the Ramapo College of New Jersey, Department of Public Safety, welcome to the RCNJ Public Safety website. “Achieving Excellence” is our number one goal when promoting wellness and providing services for our students, administration, staff, faculty, alumni and visitors/guests when on our campus. As a comprehensive Public Safety agency, we are dedicated to empowering our campus community and to preserving a safe environment where student success, your educational goals, athletic events, social engagements, and recreational activities can be fulfilled safely, responsibly and with your enjoyment.

The Public Safety team is composed of the Director, Assistant Director, (32) Public Safety Officers and support staff. Our team of career professionals are experienced, dedicated, and trained to be highly responsive, informative, and interactive. And be assured every RCNJ Public Safety professional is committed to our holistic approach to your personal wellness and safety.

Working Together for Wellness and a Safe Campus Community

The Ramapo College of New Jersey, Department of Public Safety, works collaboratively with all of our internal stakeholders, surrounding communities, and YOU as integral and equal pieces of our alliance. We strive to promote an efficacious atmosphere that delivers student success in a safe, efficient, and responsible environment. To be most effective as a partner of our campus safety efforts, we need your help by maintaining personal situational awareness and reporting incidents as a responsible member of the RCNJ community.

Ramapo College enjoys a long standing, strong and cooperative partnership with the Township of Mahwah as well as the Mahwah Police Department, Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Services. These relationships have proven themselves to be mutually beneficial for over 40 years. RCNJ employs a dynamic approach to safety which includes four interactive components: Awareness; Preparedness; Intervention; and Application. Each of these components requires the engagement and cooperation of everyone who attends, visits, or works within the RCNJ community.

Please browse our site to familiarize yourself with the Department of Public Safety and the services available to you. We openly welcome questions, comments, or concerns you may have that can assist us in our number one goal of Achieving Excellence” when promoting wellness and providing services for our Ramapo College community.