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Campus Safety Escorts

We want you to feel safe anywhere you go on campus. A Safety Escort Service is available for individuals who not feel safe walking alone on campus. If you need to be accompanied from one point to another, you can arrange for a personal safety escort any time of day. We strongly encourage you to walk in pairs or small groups especially late at night. Inappropriate use of the service takes Public Safety away from regular patrol and campus safety issues.

To schedule a safety escort pick-up:

Call the Public Safety Department at 201- 684 -6666 or from the blue light telephones or other security phone boxes. Tell the operator your name and exact location, destination, and a call back telephone number. An officer will be dispatched and respond as soon as possible. In most instances the officer will respond in a timely manner, however an emergency situation may dictate a longer waiting period for the escort. Please be patient.


  • The safety escort service is not intended to be a taxi service.
  • All passengers will be required to ensure they are complying with the College’s self-assessment procedures, and that they do not have any symptoms, nor have they been identified as someone who has been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Students who display disruptive behavior may not use this service. Public Safety reserves the right to refuse service to disruptive individuals.
  • No pets or animals allowed except for service animals
  • Physical distancing will be enforced with limited passengers up to two (2)