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Religious Observances

Religious Holidays Comprehensive Calendar for Academic Year 2021–2022

Faculty (including coaches) receive annual reminders of this policy and are encouraged to work carefully with students in anticipating and resolving conflicts to their mutual satisfaction.

The list that follows is not exhaustive; it includes major festivals and holy days for many, though by no means all, religious traditions represented and celebrated in the Ramapo community. (If it does not include an important date in the religious calendar of your particular tradition, please let us know.) Every effort has been made to ensure that this information is accurate. Note that some holidays in some traditions are tied to the lunar calendar or to particular cultural patterns that vary by region or by sect which make their location in the calendar somewhat more fluid.

Islamic Holidays: Regional customs or moon sightings may cause a variation of the date for Islamic holidays, which begin at sundown the day before the date specified for the holiday. The Islamic calendar is lunar and the days begin at sunset, so there may be one-day error depending on when the New Moon is first seen.

*Jewish holy days begin and end at sundown on the first and last days listed.
**These holidays are calculated on a lunar calendar and are approximate.  Muslim holidays begin and end at sundown on the first and last days listed.
***The Baha’i day ends and a new one begins at sunset; consequently, the day on which a Holy Day is observed begins at sunset of the day before the Gregorian calendar dates given above.


Paryushan** Jain September 4 – 11
Rosh Hashanah* Jewish September 6 – 8
Yom Kippur* Jewish September 15-16
Sukkot* Jewish September 20-27
Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah* Jewish September 27-29
Birth of the Prophet Muhammad (Sunni)** Islam October 19
Birth of the Prophet Muhammad (Shia)** Islam October 24
Diwali** Hindu November 4
Birth of the Báb*** Baha’i November 6
Birth of Baháúlláh*** Baha’i November 7
Hanukkah* Jewish Nov 28-Dec. 6
Christmas Christian December 25
Kwanzaa Interfaith/African-American December 26-Jan. 1
Religion Holidays 2022
Feast of the Epiphany Christian January 6
Eastern Orthodox Christmas Orthodox Christian January 7
Sankranti Hindu January 14
Lunar New Year Interfaith/National February 1
Ash Wednesday Christian March 2
Eastern Orthodox Beginning of Lent Orthodox Christian March 7
Purim* Jewish March 16-17
Naw-Rúz*** Baha’i March 21
Ramadan** Islam April 2 – May 1
Vaisakhi Sikh April 14
Passover (Pesach)* Jewish April 15-23
Good Friday Christian April 15
Easter Christian April 17
First Day of Ridván***  Baha’i April 21
Eastern Orthodox Good Friday Orthodox Christian April 22
Eastern Orthodox Easter Orthodox Christian April 24
23rd Night of Ramadan** Islam April 24
Ninth Day of Ridván*** Baha’i April 29
Twelfth Day of Ridván*** Baha’i May 2
27th Night of Ramadan** Islam April 28
Eid al-Fitr** Islam May 2
Declaration of the Báb*** Baha’i May 24
Ascension Day Christian May 26
Ascension of Baháùlláh*** Baha’i May 29
Eastern Orthodox Ascension Day Orthodox Christian June 2
Shavuot* Jewish June 4-6
Holy Day of Arafah** Islam July 9
Eid-al-Adha** Islam July 10
Martyrdom of the Báb*** Baha’i July 10
Eid al-Ghadeer** Islam July 17