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Undergraduate Teaching Responsibilities

Section Title:Academic
Policy Number:300-XX
Policy Name:Undergraduate Teaching Responsibilities
Approval Authority:Provost/VP for Teaching, Learning & Growth
Responsible Executive:Provost/VP for Teaching, Learning & Growth
Responsible Unit:Office of the Provost
Date Adopted:November 2009
Date Revised:March 2016


Full-time members of the Ramapo College Faculty have responsibility for teaching in the undergraduate programs.

Reason for Policy

Ramapo College is primarily an undergraduate teaching institution. All full-time members of the faculty share in the responsibility of delivering high-quality academic programs to undergraduate students as well as advising, mentoring, and supporting undergraduate students.


To Whom Does the Policy Apply

Full-time members of the Ramapo College Faculty.


Related Documents

Policy 022609-01; AFT Contract.



Deans’ Offices




Undergraduate Teaching Responsibilities

In consultation with the conveners and graduate program directors in the school, the dean sets the school’s course schedule and, in so doing, ensures that all full-time faculty in the school teach in the undergraduate curriculum in the fall and/or spring semester of each year.